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Maybelline uncaps Facebook engagement via full-screen ads featuring eyeliner tutorials

Maybelline is targeting Facebook users likely to be interested in its cosmetics via a series of ads that expand into a full-screen experience showcasing tutorials for different eyeliner looks after clicking. 

L'Oréal's millennial-favorite cosmetics brand is attempting to fuel more interest in its new eyeliner products by rolling out full-screen ad experiences that enable consumers to learn how to create various makeup looks, including graphic arrow, winged eyeliner and cat eye looks. Once a user taps on the Facebook ad's ?Learn More? button, the ad will expand to the smartphone screen and allow individuals to scroll through the step-by-step tutorials.

?Full-screen ad units with a tutorial are an excellent way to capture the attention of consumers,? said Josh Ong, director of global brand strategy at Cheetah Mobile. ?These ad units deliver helpful and engaging information that will be perceived as a resource rather than an intrusion.?

Lining up mobile engagement
Maybelline is drumming up interest in its eyeliner by convincing individuals to learn how to create trendy eyeliner looks with ease. Facebook users may spot the brand?s sponsored ads interspersed with other content in their news feeds.

The ads encourage users to click the ?Learn More? button or ?Tap to see how to get a perfect cat eye.? Once consumers complete this action, the ad will expand to full-screen size and feature tutorials for several different looks.

These tutorials will inform cosmetics enthusiasts how to create graphic arrow liner looks, cat eyes, and winged-liner looks in only a few steps. Each mini-tutorial features a model showing off the finished appearance, and displays the exact name of the Maybelline eyeliner used to create the look.

For instance, consumers can use the brand's Master Precise ink pen eyeliner for a winged-liner look. The graphic arrow look requires use of the Lasting Drama gel eyeliner.

Each subsequent step of the tutorial is numbered and accompanied by an image. 

For example, to achieve the perfect winged eye, fans must draw a diagonal line from the outer corner and towards their eyelid, line the upper lash-line from the inner corner to the outer and dip an angled brush into makeup remover to remove any stray marks.

Fans can scroll through multiple tutorials to find the look best-suited for their style.

These types of ad units can be extremely effective in helping brands connect with millennial consumers, who are typically discerning when it comes to choosing which mobile ads to engage with, and which to leave alone. The how-to aspect shows mobile users that relevant information is available if they are willing to give up a moment of their smartphone-browsing time.

?Consumer education has proven itself to be a significant component in encouraging beauty-related purchases,? said Laura Sossong, senior consultant at Boston Retail Partners. ?By breaking down the barrier of the usability and applicability of makeup, Maybelline is eliminating the disincentive many consumers have to invest in new or unproven products.?

Uncapping social media prowess
Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, have proven to be ideal destinations on which to introduce beauty brands? advertising content.

For instance, nail polish brand OPI took to Instagram to showcase its products and achieved an 11-point increase in ad recall, exposing the power social media platforms can exert for beauty brands (see story).

Meanwhile, last fall, Maybelline and Calvin Klein rolled out short video clips interspersed with snapshots of New York Fashion Week shows on the event?s public Snapchat Story, proving that the photo-sharing feature may be an effective marketing venue when leveraged to reach targeted audiences with relevant content (see story).

Other cosmetics marketers may leverage Maybelline?s tutorial strategy and ensure they include informational content in their future mobile ad rollouts. The inclusion of video could also ramp up customer engagement among younger audiences.

?Millennials are spending a bulk of their time on their mobile devises and love short-form videos,? Cheetah Mobile's Mr. Ong said. ?Maybelline understands its customer and has created an engaging mobile viewing experience.

?We are seeing an increase in the use of full-screen ad units and would expect other brands to make use of them in the future.?