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Mobile Marketer's Mobile Outlook 2009

As Mobile Marketer's Outlook 2009 proves, marketers understand the need to integrate mobile into their multichannel branding, customer acquisition and customer retention plans.

Several trends are emerging as mobile matures into a medium that, while not without flaws, is a more palatable option than other marketing channels in use. The emphasis, however, should be on mobile's complementary nature - it gives legs to other channels, including retail, online, television, print, coupons, radio, outdoor, direct mail and insert media.

Top of the trends list is the consumer's growing comfort with consuming news and content on mobile phones, along with exchanging SMS text messages, shopping for products and services, checking email, playing games, conducting mobile banking transactions and searching for retail locations or driving directions.

Indeed, the mobile channel's use as a location-enabling tool is quickly becoming evident to brands, ad agencies, retailers and, most importantly, consumers.

Marketing mobile
Marketers must remember that mobile cannot, and must not, be treated like other mass mediums out there.

Mobile is a highly personal channel, with attendant sensitivities and double opt-in permission requirements.

So it's not the quantity that should matter for marketers looking to incorporate mobile into their multichannel marketing plans. It's the quality - and that's where mobile excels.

While the economy could be better, that hasn't stopped consumers from quickly shifting to mobile many tasks that previously were conducted on computers.

The choice for marketers and ad agencies then is not to deliberate whether to have an SMS program or mobile banner ads or a mobile Web site or a mobile coupon program or a .mobi domain or an iPhone/BlackBerry/Android application.

Instead, the decision to be made is which one of these options - or a combination - is relevant for the brand in its efforts to reach consumers through multiple, relevant touch points.

Smart marketers and agencies will think like smart fishermen: fish where the fish are. Consumers have already moved to mobile, and are staying there for a long time.

Marketers should focus this year and next on using mobile - especially SMS and applications - to build databases of consumers who have opted in not once but twice to receive targeted offers, alerts and information from marketers.

A marketer without a mobile loyalty program in 2009 or 2010 will risk losing customers to competitors who have such efforts in place.

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Mobile Marketer's Mobile Outlook 2009 is a must-read for executives working at brands, ad agencies, media and publishing firms, mobile marketing service providers, nonprofits, carriers and other marketing decision-makers.

This edition, our second, will give the reader a lay of the land of what to expect in the world of mobile marketing, media and commerce. The articles and commentary spell out the opportunities and the challenges ahead.

We owe many thanks to the senior executives from mobile marketing firms who spent time and effort working with us in the production of this Classic Guide. The players mentioned in these pages are key to the growth of mobile marketing.

Associate editor Giselle Abramovich and staff reporter Dan Butcher worked hard to produce this work of intelligence that will no doubt leave the reader smarter, if not wiser, about the opportunities ahead.

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