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Dairy Queen mobile ads see 22 percent CTR

A recent Dairy Queen mobile ad campaign saw a click-through-rate of more than 22 percent, proving once again the effectiveness of the mobile channel to engage consumers.

Mobile Posse Inc., a provider of idle-screen content and advertising for mobile, is helping Dairy Queen to reach consumers on-the-go through their mobile phones. Starting in March, Dairy Queen and digital agency space150 piloted Mobile Posse's idle-screen advertising platform to promote its new Sweet Deals value menu.

"Dairy Queen's ?Sweet Deals' campaign is a brand campaign designed to promote consumer awareness of its new Sweet Deals value menu," said Jon Jackson, founder/CEO of Mobile Posse, McLean, VA. "Mobile advertising was added as a component of the traditional media mix, so the mobile ads complemented creative and messaging used across other media."

DQ's primary demographic for the DQ Sweet Deals campaign is ages 18-54, which aligns with Mobile Posse users.

"This was a nationwide campaign requiring national reach," Mr. Jackson said. "Mobile Posse's platform has a national footprint and is now deployed with Verizon Wireless for Daily Scoop, Alltel Wireless for Alltel Perks, Cricket Communications for Cricket MyPerks and Revol Wireless for Revol Perks."

International Dairy Queen, or IDQ, headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, develops licenses and services a system of more than 5,600 Dairy Queen stores in the United States, Canada and other countries, offering dairy desserts, hamburgers, hot dogs and beverages.

IDQ is part of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., a company run by CEO Warren Buffett.

DQ Orange Julius locations blend a new look with the feel of a traditional ice cream treat shop and offers a menu that includes traditional DQ favorites as well as the Orange Julius line of fruit smoothies and drinks.

Digital agency space150's clients include brands such as American Express, Dairy Queen, Imation, Starz Entertainment and General Mills.

Dairy Queen's campaign drove awareness of its Sweet Deals value menu among value-conscious consumers.

Dairy Queen's results for the Sweet Deals mobile advertisement -- 22 percent CTR -- demonstrate the ability of mobile advertising to effectively engage U.S. consumers.

Delivered at 5 p.m. as people start to think about dinner plans, the advertisement promoted meal options from $3 to $5 and the tagline "Dinner is your choice with Sweet Deals."

The Sweet Deals value menu was also promoted through sponsorship of daily weather forecasts.

The DQ campaign was also effective at engaging unique mobile consumers, with nearly 54 percent of all Mobile Posse users electing to view Dairy Queen's Sweet Deals advertisement via the idle-screen banner or through the application's Recent Offers Menu.

In addition, more than 69 percent of all Mobile Posse users viewed the Dairy Queen-sponsored weather forecast at least once during the campaign.

Mobile Posse delivers information, entertainment and promotional content to the idle screen on the mobile device.

Consumers opt-in to receive weather forecasts, sports scores, horoscopes and trivia, along with exclusive coupons and discounts.

Content and offers are delivered only when the phone is not already in use, ensuring that customers' experience is not interrupted.

Consumers may re-engage with current content and offers at any time through Mobile Posse's Recent Offers Menu.

Advertisers use the Mobile Posse platform to build brand awareness, promote limited-time offers and discounts and drive customer loyalty.

Interactive and graphical campaigns may be targeted by age, gender, location and time-of-day, among others.

Multiple calls-to-action are supported, as are survey and poll creation.

"Mobile Posse's platform allowed Dairy Queen to convey its message through an innovative, personal medium," Mr. Jackson said.

"The platform also allowed Dairy Queen to target its messaging by time-of-day and allowed Dairy Queen to change its messaging depending on whether an ad was delivered at lunch or dinner," he said.