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Sunglasses giant Oakley runs mobile ads to promote gear

Sunglasses giant Oakley ran an "AFA Snow" mobile advertising campaign within the Ridertech Snow Reports iPhone application to promote its ski/snowboard goggles.

Oakley tapped appssavvy for the campaign, which targeted male snow sports enthusiasts ages 15-28. The objectives were to generate awareness of Oakley AFA snowboard/ski gear and brand equity associated with Oakley and the action sports lifestyle, send qualified traffic to the AFA Snow landing page on and drive Oakley AFA product sales.

"To apps developers we say, ?You focus on your core competency, we'll focus on ours and bring the money in so you can focus on growing your user base,'" said Chris Cunnngham, founder/CEO of appssavvy, New York. "Some of our application developers are saying that 2008 was the year of Facebook apps, while this year the buzz is around mobile apps.

"As far as mobile goes, many of the apps being built for the iPhone and other platforms will probably not survive, so we have to be patient to see more mobile opportunities for marketers."

Backed by True Ventures, founder Scott Kurnit and The New York Times Co., appssavvy connects hundreds of social media applications with leading brands and agencies.

Oakley Inc. is a company known mostly for their high-end sunglasses, sports visors and ski/snowboard goggles.

The company also makes watches, clothing, bags, backpacks, shoes, prescription glasses, football and hockey eyewear and other accessories.

With its mobile campaign, Oakley wanted to leverage a highly contextually relevant application and connect the existing action sports userbase to the Oakley brand.

Appssavvy identified Ridertech Snow Reports as an application that encompasses Oakley's target audience and created a custom integration on Snow Reports using Oakley's sponsored athlete videos, athlete profiles and AFA products.

Oakley used Ridertech's iPhone application in a cross-platform strategy to increase brand utility.

By using an application with a niche user base that perfectly matched the Oakley brand, appssavvy claims that it was able to deliver the brand equity to a highly targeted audience in an environment where they were already consuming media that is completely consistent with the Oakley AFA brand.

The average click-through rate of Oakley's sponsorship elements was 0.1 percent.

The campaign achieved a CTR of 0.24 percent on the sponsorship skin, where as the iPhone skin reached a CTR of 0.39 percent.

Ten percent of application's users clicked to

The campaign generated 957 Oakley video views with a 91 percent completion rate.

In addition, there were 317 athlete profile views and a 16 percent CTR from athlete profile pages, which led to 50 Oakley product views.

Appssavvy partners with six social media application companies
Appssavvy recently announced a series of exclusive advertising partnerships with six of the leading developers and publishers in the social media application space.

Under the terms of the agreements, appssavvy is the advertising sales team exclusively representing the largest vertical social media applications in entertainment, moms, travel, games and pets.

The six new partnerships include Circle of Moms, which, with more than 3.5 million registered users, is the fastest-growing community for moms on the Internet.

The site connects moms and enables them to address the challenges of motherhood together.

Users can choose from more than 4,000 different communities to find one what speaks to their needs, to get parenting advice, product recommendations, empathy or encouragement in a safe environment.

The partnership also includes Circle of Friends, a Facebook application with more than 1.1 million monthly active users.

The most popular application on Facebook, LivingSocial's Pick Your Five has grown to more than 31 million monthly active users since launching in the past month.

In addition to Pick Your Five, LivingSocial is the developer of more than a dozen applications enabling people to review and share their favorite books, movies, albums, video games, restaurants, beer, ski slopes, wine and iPhone apps.

Zynga is the No. 1 social gaming company and the world's leading developer of social games.

Appssavvy represents Zynga's most popular game, Texas Hold'em Poker, which is a top 10 Facebook application.

Zynga has over 30 social media games on a variety of platforms such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Tagged and, most recently, iPhone.

With millions of monthly active users across its family of applications, Serious Business is one of the fastest growing social game developers.

Serious Business' flagship applications include Friends for Sale, Rock Legends and Happy Hour.

With more than 8 million users and a half a billion travel intents, Where I've Been allows its community to find where they want to go from where there friends have been.

Poolhouse, the creator of Dogbook (think Facebook for your pooch), is approaching 700,000 monthly active users.

Poolhouse's applications are focused on pets, but also include MyBabybook. In addition to Dogbook, Poolhouse's pet applications include Catbook and Horsebook.

Other social media applications exclusively represented by appssavvy include NBC News' iCue, MesmoTV, Make Me a Celebrity and Social Calendar.

"We sell based on an audience, and these apps are actually mini-Web sites that live on Facebook, each representing a very specific community," Mr. Cunningham said. "While we're not proactively seeking iPhone apps like we did Facebook apps, there are many cross-platform advertising opportunities.

"For example, Zynga has Texas Hold'em for Facebook and for iPhone," he said. "I don't think of mobile as a standalone channel, because there are better opportunities for mobile to leverage platforms that have a social component.

"If they can take that to a mobile play, there's an even a larger hook and an opportunity for cross-platform campaigns."