Velti launches online platform for mobile campaign management

In a clear sign of mobile's proliferation, Velti, a provider of mobile marketing and advertising services, has launched mGage, a platform where brands, agencies, publishers and carriers can manage campaigns.

Demonstrating how powerful and useful mobile is for marketing, the Velti mGage platform lets users integrate SMS short codes into traditional media such as television, print, outdoor and radio. Velti launched mGage to make it easy to plan a variety of mobile advertising and marketing campaigns.

?We are providing brands, agencies, publishers and wireless carriers with a platform for mobile marketing and advertising designed to handle the full cycle of campaigns,? said Dakota Sullivan, vice president of global marketing at Velti, New York.

?They now have all the tools necessary to easily execute campaigns, while offering integrated reporting and analytics that measure ROI based on user engagement,? he said.

Velti?s mGage platform includes all of the company?s existing mobile advertising, mobile marketing, mobile customer relationship management and mobile Internet services in a single platform.

Velti is a worldwide provider of mobile marketing and advertising services that let brands, advertising agencies and mobile operators to communicate with and engage customers via their mobile devices.

Mobile marketing made simple
The company recently powered a HairTech International campaign that used mobile marketing to promote the launch of Paris Hilton's new line of hair and beauty products (see story).

Velti also powered this summer?s Peace Cup's "It's not a game" campaign. Peace Cup raised funds for the nonprofit Peace Dream Foundation through premium SMS donation (see story).

Velti mGage lets marketers use both mobile and traditional media to reach out to targeted consumers, engage the consumer through the mobile Internet and applications, convert consumers into customers and manage relationships with the consumer through the mobile channel.

?Because the mobile solution provider arena is very fragmented, brand marketers and agencies are overwhelmed and confused, with no clear direction on where to begin,? Mr. Sullivan said.

?Velti mGage brings the fragmented mobile marketing ecosystem into a single, integrated platform that lets customers plan, buy, create, optimize, and track mobile marketing and advertising based on their objectives,? he said.

With Velti mGage, marketers and advertisers can conduct and measure a range of targeted, opt-in mobile campaigns.

Wireless carriers can monetize advertising inventory using mGage.

Technology partners can use the mGage platform to develop innovative advertising and marketing services.

Mobile?s value
Velti mGage is the point of access for more than 70 Velti mobile advertising and marketing  services, plus those of partner organizations, including Azuki, 4Info, MobClix, Smaato, Distimo and Shazam Entertainment.

The Velti mGage portal is set to provide a range of mobile inventories and technologies to deliver against organizations? mobile objectives. 

Velti said for third-party partners such as content delivery networks, application providers, campaign optimization specialists, mobile ad networks and analytic and billing providers, the Velti mGage platform provides an environment in which to execute marketing and advertising campaigns.

The company hopes mGage will also be used to create new business opportunities and technology innovations.

Mr. Sullivan said Velti?s mGage will help brands learn the value of mobile.

?Velti mGage will help by providing detailed case studies, organized by marketer objective, on a public portal,? Mr. Sullivan said. ?Marketers can see what?s working for other brands with similar challenges and characteristics, which will help them focus their efforts.?