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Chanel taps iPad?s unique capabilities to showcase watch collection

Luxury brand Chanel is promoting its new J12 Marine Series of watches through The New York Times? Editors? Choice iPad application.

Chanel tapped Medialets for the ad creative. The campaign targets users through three ads, using both banner and interstitial media.

?This ad is actually three distinct and unique mobile experiences that take advantage of the iPad?s unique capabilities to showcase Chanel?s distinctive watches,? said Eric Litman, founder and chairman of Medialets, New York.

?[The campaign] leverages a series of video assets provided to us by Chanel,? he said. "We used HTML5 to create immersive experiences that are further enhanced when the user tilts the iPad or touches the in-app creative."

Editors? Choice is a free application that can be downloaded directly to the iPad and displays a variety of Times content chosen by the paper?s editors ? ranging from news, business and technology articles to opinion and features.

Chanel is a Parisian fashion house founded by Coco Chanel, who is recognized as one of the most chic designers in haute couture.

Medialets is helping Chanel use the iPad technology to engage potential customers.

At the bottom of the application?s various sections, a banner ad displays interactive images of the J12 Marine Series? models.

Here is a screen grab of the banner running in the New York Times application:

Users are able to slide their fingers down the banner to scan over the image of a Chanel watch.

A meter on the left side of the ad illustrates a sub-aquatic descent to 300-meters, the depth the watches are designed to withstand.

After sliding through each of the three models displayed, the ad provides the option to click through to a store locator page.

Additionally, when viewing Editors? Choice stories of two pages or longer, the second page displays an interactive ad showcasing the different models available in the Marine Series.

Viewers can toggle between images of each model.

When users click through to multiple articles from the home page, they are taken to an interstitial screen, where they are prompted to either launch a video advertisement or skip through to the Times content they selected.

The ad features a barrage of aquatic imagery ? highlighting the J12 Marines Series? underwater capabilities ? and renders the visual of Chanel watches coalescing as their parts burst forth from a hydrothermal ocean vent.

Here is a video of the ad:


The Chanel campaign marks the second that Medialets has powered for The Times? iPad application.

In April, the newspaper selected the mobile platform to create and serve rich media advertising for the Editors? Choice application.

?At this time, iPad users fall into roughly the same demographic as Chanel customers, so we?re seeing early adopters who want the best of the best, whether it be the latest and greatest jewelry accessory or the newest and most technologically advanced tablet computer,? Mr. Litman said.

?These consumers expect a luxury experience not just when they purchase their watch or computer but when they see an ad for it as well,? he said. ?First and foremost, we give brand advertisers the platform to create engaging and meaningful mobile experiences that not only deliver a message to a consumer but get them to spend time within the ad itself.

?Our platform also allows high-end brands like Chanel to maintain the luxury look and feel of their brands within a mobile app ad.?