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Budweiser, Lexus, Starbucks target Pandora users via iPad advertising

Budweiser, Lexus, Starbucks, Chase and AT&T are taking advantage of Pandora?s iPad application, which comes jam-packed with new advertising opportunities.

Pandora?s mobile Internet radio platform provides the opportunity to target consumers across a broad range of segments. Clicking on an ad unit launches a landing page inside the Pandora application, which allows users to keep listening to music as they explore more information about the brands.

?Pandora packs a lot into what we give advertisers,? according to Deborah Roth, vice president of corporate communication for Pandora Media Inc., Oakland, CA. ?[This includes] the opportunity to be very specific in targeting consumers based on age, gender, location/DMA, time of day/week, and the type of music they like.?

Budweiser?s ad, which reads ?Check out the summer music festival lineup? in stenciled letters, also features the image of a massive crowd in front of a stage, and a map of the United States over the Budweiser logo.

Here is a screengrab of a Budweiser ad on the Pandora iPad application:

Listeners can click through to a full-page display that includes a larger version of the graphic from the earlier ad, as well as a list of music festivals occurring across the country this summer.

Here is a screen grab of the Budweiser landing page:

Meanwhile, the Starbucks advertisement promotes the coffee giant?s new ?however-you-want-it? Frappuccino drink.

Here is a screen grab of a starbucks ad on the Pandora iPad application:

Clicking on the ad window launches a landing page that includes a short, frenetic video advertisement for the campaign.

Here is a a screen grab of a video from the Starbucks landing page:

Underneath the video, a clickable graphic leads to a database where users can search through drink recipes submitted by visitors of

The campaign dovetails with a Starbucks online campaign on Pandora?s Web site, which allows music lovers to design their own drink, then generates playlists based on the beverages selected.

Lexus? in-application advertisement includes the slogan, ?This is the pursuit of perfection,? and prompts consumers to click through for more information.

Here is a screen grab of a Lexus ad on the Pandora iPad application:

The landing page features a number of informational videos, and links to other pages with information about the Lexus brand, including more videos detailing the production and testing of the manufacturer?s vehicles.

Here is a screengrab of the Lexus landing page:

Users can also explore the different car types and models available by toggling through tabs located at the top of the screen.

Potential buyers can click through to vehicle details and pricing information, and also locate nearby dealerships and build cars that meet their personal specifications.

AT&T is advertising its ?Rethink Possible? campaign with a unit that urges Pandora users to ?Expand your boundaries of can.?

Here is a screen grab of an AT&T ad on the Pandora iPad application:

Clicking through loads a landing page with a short video that elaborates on the themes of the campaign with colorful animation and entreaties to ?See what?s on the other side of too far,? and ?Explore, Try, Do.?

Here is a screen grab of the AT&T landing page:

From the landing page, consumers can also click into a mobile-optimized AT&T site, and carrier subscribers can log-in to their wireless accounts.

Finally, Chase is using Pandora to promote its new Blueprint online banking platform through Pandora.

Here is a screen grab of a Chase ad on Pandora's iPad application:

While a number of the advertisements on the platform load brands? promotional materials within the Pandora platform, the Chase ad launches a landing page in the iPad?s Safari Web browser.

Here is a screen grab of Chase's landing page:

On the page, consumers can explore the Blueprint program?s features by clicking on options like ?avoid paying interest? and ?pay down your balance faster.?

The site also features a Financial Style Quiz where potential customers can decide which Blueprint features they want, plus more background information on the program and an option to sign up.

Music to advertisers? ears
Pandora is a popular Internet music generator that uses an advanced algorithm to generate playlists based on users? preferences.

Fifty-four million people have registered with the website (including an estimated 20 million mobile users), and 2.5 million more sign up each month.

Over half of all new registrants are logging on through mobile devices.

Advertisers can use Pandora?s services to target users across on a wide range of demographic variables, and the iPad platform offers access to an active consumer base.

?People on Pandora are very engaged,? Ms. Roth said. ?They interact with the service on the average of eight times an hour, refining their stations and clicking on ads. In fact, we?ve seen that video ads on mobile devices have an extremely high CTR of 3.4 percent, compared to other mediums.

?Pandora is everywhere people are,? she said. ?They listen on their computers at work, on their smartphones everywhere, on a ton of consumer electronic devices in the home (TVs, Blu-rays, etcetera).

?The iPad is the latest platform on which Pandora is streaming audio/video ads.?