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KFC's 360-degree mobile campaign pushes Doublicious sandwich

KFC has launched a multichannel mobile program that includes an application sponsorship, banners and SMS advertising.

The objective of the campaign is to drive awareness of KFC?s Doublicious sandwich among adults 18-49 years old, while focusing in on adults 18-24 years old. KFC wanted to secure placement in highly relevant consumer areas to drive awareness for Doublicious and help drive lunch-time decision-making among the target audience.

?Mobile marketing was a necessity to reach this audience, particularly in finding relevancy for the on-the-go demographic,? said Kirsten McMullen, director of marketing at 4Info, San Francisco.

KFC?s Doublicious is a chicken sandwich that features a combination of sweet Hawaiian bread with savory Original Recipe Chicken, topped with Monterey Jack, bacon and a delicious sauce. 

4Info is powering the campaign.

Backbreaker Lite
KFC is integrated throughout the Backbreaker Lite application. 

A button featuring the KFC Doublicious sandwich appears at the start screen.

When clicked, it takes users to a mobile Web page with a special offer for the Doublicious Chicken Sandwich.

The KFC Doublicious logo is also included on the High Score page. 

As consumers play the game itself, the camera pans through the stadium, showing KFC advertising on the on-field boundaries as well as displayed on the stadium jumbo screens.

In addition to prominent presence in the application, KFC is sponsoring it ? making an enhanced version of the free game available for a limited time.

For this limited time offer, iPhone gamers will have access to 10 specially selected waves and a range of community tools such as Facebook integration, email bragging capabilities and dedicated leaderboards, which were previously only available in the paid version of the Backbreaker Football application.

Banner ads featuring the KFC and Backbreaker Football logos, with an invitation to download the KFC Doublicious Challenge, are being run within applications and on the mobile Web.

The landing page features an offer for a $5 meal deal for the Doublicious along with an invitation to download the Backbreaker Football application for free, sponsored by KFC.

SMS advertising includes call to actions such as ?Get a free app with KFC!? and a URL linking to the landing page or to the iTunes store directly.

?This campaign was designed to surround the consumer with opportunities to engage with KFC in every mobile channel,? Ms. McMullen said. ?From mobile Web to SMS to the game, interested consumers were exposed to the KFC brand and offers. 

?For this campaign, KFC?s goals of reaching on-the-go audiences with a fun and engaging message were well matched with a 360-degree mobile campaign,? she said.

Final Take
Giselle Tsirulnik is senior editor of Mobile Marketer, New York.