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Chevy modifies ads based on predefined elements for accurate targeting

Chevrolet is using The Weather Channel?s ADaptor technology, that lets the automaker modify banner advertising creative dynamically based on predefined elements.

The product addition allows Chevrolet to target a powerful branding message to TWC?s large mobile Web audience on smartphones through 2010. Chevrolet can dynamically contextualize its messages based on the environment where ads are served. 

?The dynamic weather integration creates an impactful advertising product ? it can be a national campaign that automatically customizes to individual consumers based on their local weather conditions, location and time of day,? said Ryan Zemmin, manager of digital at Chevrolet Marketing, Detroit, MI.

?ADaptor allows us to provide even more contextually relevant messages to consumers,? he said. ?With TWC, this powerful branded message is able to reach one of the largest mobile Web audiences available.?

Unique to, ADaptor technology allows for real-time customization of ads based on weather, time and location of the consumer viewing the ad to enhance relevance and effectiveness.

Data points for contextualization include location factors such as ZIP, DMA and city or current weather conditions like temperature, UV index, humidity and pollen. 

Chevy ads
Chevrolet ads will be modified dynamically based on pre-defined elements such as city name, current conditions, ad message text, weather icons and advertiser images. 

For example, ?Storms are noisy. Muffle it with a 250-watt amp in the Cruze,? or ?Hot enough for ya? Chill with the Cruze?s Auto-climate control.?

Here is a screen grab of the Chevy banner:

Here is the Chevy landing page, which is optimized for mobile:

Instead of using Flash, the mobile ADaptor output format uses Web standard XHTML and JavaScript, so the ads are available on via mobile smartphones such as iPhone, Android and Palm devices. 

Sizing conforms to MMA standard banner ads, including 300x50 and 216x36. 

Future integration of the mobile ADaptor ad unit is planned for The Weather Channel applications for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm and iPad devices.

?We are constantly looking for ways to reach consumers where they naturally go online and in the mobile space,? Mr. Zemmin said. ?Third-party opportunities like The Weather Channel, along with our own mobile apps, allow us to accomplish this goal.?