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Estee Lauder, Tiffany & Co., Macy?s ads prove iPad is canvas for engagement

Top-notch brands such as Estee Lauder, Tiffany & Co., FedEx, Macy?s and Nestle are finding that the iPad is changing the print advertising landscape, allowing for more engaging and interactive experiences. 

These brands are all print advertisers in the 20th anniversary issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine, which has launched an iPad version to commemorate the occasion. The brands have all added interactive elements to the digital versions of their ads, proving just how effective the iPad is at providing engaging experiences.

?The iPad represents a real opportunity for advertisers," said Gael Towey, chief creative and editorial director at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, New York. "They want to reach a new audience too, and in a more immersive way.

"Now they can, by using the same tools that are available to editors to create an entirely new and exciting experience for consumers," she said.

Created with Adobe?s digital publishing technology, Martha Stewart Living?s edition for the iPad re-imagines for the digital age one of the world?s most recognized mass-market consumer lifestyle titles.

Featuring all original content, the application brings together the inspiring ideas, practical how-to information and beautiful photography that distinguish the Martha Stewart Living brand.

Innovative functionality includes scrolling recipes, slide shows, videos, audio, animation and panoramas.

Estée Lauder
The Estée Lauder advertisement is for its new Pleasures Bloom fragrance.

Consumers are able to tap to watch a video that is in the theme of the campaign, which focuses on life?s simple pleasures.

Here is the video:

"The iPad is a great canvas for marketers because it combines so many elements of what's familiar to them with a new set of capabilities to explore," said Eric Litman, chariman/CEO of Medialets, New York. "For publishers, content experiences on the iPad align closely with their existing print publications. 

"This opens up opportunities for organizations just learning how to sell in mobile to leverage their existing experience while giving brands and their agencies the creative flexibility to incorporate advanced capabilities such as swiping and shaking, multiple videos within an ad unit or other highly engaging consumer ad experiences that can only be done on an iPad," he said. />

Tiffany & Co.
The Tiffany & Co. ad focuses on the brand?s yellow diamond collection, claiming ?A Tiffany yellow diamond is distinctive. And so is the woman who wears one.?

Here is a screen grab of the advertisement:

The advertisement stresses the yellow diamond?s uniqueness and rarity.

Consumers are asked to tap to watch the following video:

The Macy?s ad is unique in that it actually takes consumers to a commerce-enabled environment.

The advertisement is for the Martha Stewart collection, which is available exclusively at Macy?s.

After the last slide, consumers are encouraged to tap on the ad to visit the Martha Stewart collection at

Consumers are taken to a commerce-enabled Web site, without ever leaving the application.

Nestlé is promoting its new Coffee-mate flavor sugar and spice, just in time for the holidays.

Nestlé's ad is quite unique as it encourages visits to the Nestlé Facebook page, where consumers can get a coupon.

Here is a screen grab of the advertisement:

Consumers that click on the banner at the bottom of the screen are taken to the Nestlé Facebook page, without ever having to leave the Martha Stewart Living application.

FedEx is targeting small businesses with its ad within Martha Stewart Living. 

The private shipping service provides three different videos within the ad, one for FedEx Express, another for FedEx Ground and the last is for FedEx Office.

Here is the video for FedEx Express:

This is the video for FedEx Ground:

This is the video for FedEx Office:

"When Apple introduced the iPad, there was never any question that we would be there," Ms. Towey said. "Our strategy is and always has been to be where ever consumers are?in print, on TV, on radio and online and now on the iPad.

"Being on the iPad allows us to also introduce our trusted how-to content to a new audience and expand our international reach," she said. "While the market is still in its infancy, there?s no question that the iPad is a game-changing device that media brands must think about.

"I can?t speak for other media brands but we see it as a real opportunity that lends itself especially well to our creative, how-to content. Readers can now take the iPad into the kitchen or the garden or the crafts space and have easy access to everything they need?instructions, slide show, and video?all in one place."