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Mobile Marketer's Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising

Please click here to download Mobile Marketer's Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising

Welcome to the third edition of Mobile Marketer?s Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising.

Readers will find 44 articles across 88 pages in a document rich with how-to advice, best-practice tips, research, case studies and practical ideas on mobile advertising ? the fastest-growing area within digital advertising.

Advertising follows eyeballs and consumers are looking at their small screens and computers for everything from content to commerce and marketing to communications. The mobile device, be it a phone or tablet, is becoming the central hub that coordinates the daily lives of consumers.  

What makes mobile advertising different from other mediums is size and location. A smaller screen demands different treatment and expects more from creative calls to action via SMS, MMS, rich media ads, video or banner units. Engagement is key, or else the ad has failed to live up to its potential.

All lines up
While the slowdown has affected other sectors of the economy, mobile and online advertising are on a gallop, stealing budgets from traditional media.

Here to help marketers with mobile advertising are the industry?s best and brightest.

These expert bylined articles offer tips on how to run and measure mobile ad campaigns, targeting and location, SMS campaigns and database building, integration with print and stores, HTML5, iPad ads, site design, search engine optimization, paid search, in-application ads, social media, content creation and the effectiveness of mobile coupons.

Also included are analytical pieces as well as thought leadership on the privacy debate and legal boundaries that should not be crossed, buying mobile media, augmented reality, international differences and similarities, display ads and mobile video advertising.

Two must-read articles focus on the state of mobile advertising and one of the most successful case studies on rich media ads ? the True Blood effort.

Thanks be to all
A big thank-you to all the industry experts for spending time and energy to help create a piece of work whose goal is to educate marketers on the ins and outs of mobile advertising. 

 Many thanks to Mobile Marketer?s Giselle Tsirulnik and Dan Butcher and to Rimma Kats for her wonderful art direction and patience on this mammoth effort. 

Thank-you also to ad sales director Jodie Solomon for convincing others to invest in this guide and others before it. 

Feel free to email a link to this large document rather than forwarding the entire file. The passion is obvious in the copy and the subject. Rimma cannot wait to work on the next guide. Rimma, RIMMA ? where are you going?

Please click here to download Mobile Marketer's Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising