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AT&T launches Online Experience Store

AT&T Inc. has launched its Online Experience Store, letting shoppers "touch," experience and buy wireless devices and services online.

The digital storefront introduces a new 3-D shopping model, giving customers rich, interactive demonstrations and tutorials in five categories of wireless products: phones and devices, music, video and Web, messaging, and e-mail and productivity.

"With the 3D presentation, interactive tutorials and life-size device demonstrations offered in the Online Experience Store, customers can choose how they want to shop and learn about products, and they can have an in-store experience whenever they choose from anywhere there's a broadband connection," said Alexandra Trask, spokeswoman for AT&T, Dallas, TX.

"With wireless devices able to deliver so much content and functionality, customers naturally want to experience the devices and services before making a purchase," she said.

When customers enter the Online Experience Store at, they will see a 3-D representation of an AT&T store layout, complete with a simulated Microsoft Surface unit.

They can choose a guided video tour from virtual AT&T representatives or explore the sights and sounds of the five stations independently.

"The current version of the Online Experience Store is designed to be viewed on a computer," Ms. Trask said. "As we expand the content and functionality of the site, we will evaluate the opportunity to develop a mobile version."

By clicking on the simulated Microsoft Surface image at the front of the store, shoppers can see life-size video demonstrations of six popular AT&T devices and explore their features, specifications and capabilities.

Microsoft Surface is a 30-inch table-like display that allows individuals or multiple people to interact with devices and content by using touch, gestures and placement of devices on the display.

Earlier this year, AT&T became the first company in the world to bring Surface to life in a retail environment.

Featured devices include the Samsung A737, Sony Ericsson W580i, BlackBerry Curve 8310, LG Shine and Windows Mobile-enabled devices such as the Pantech Duo and AT&T Tilt.

"Currently, we are highlighting and driving traffic to the Online Experience Store via links throughout," Ms. Trask said. "As we expand the content and functionality of the site, we will evaluate additional advertising and marketing channels."

AT&T claims to have the largest catalog of mobile music offerings that are available today.

By clicking on the music screen, visitors can experience AT&T's streaming music service MobiRadio, learn how to identify songs with MusicID and see how to shop for ringtones and music with life-size video demonstrations of Napster and eMusic on a Sony Ericsson W580i.

Customers expect the same access to entertainment and Web content on their mobile device that they can get and enjoy at home.

AT&T has a variety of mobile video offerings and provides access to the World Wide Web.

In the video and Web area of the Online Experience Store, shoppers can get personalized Web content with MEdia Net on a Samsung A737, shopping for graphics, games and tools with AT&T MEdia Mall, and watching on-demand video clips with CV.

Approximately 1.8 billion people worldwide are actively texting today, and AT&T offers unlimited text messaging to its subscribers.

In the messaging area of the Online Experience Store, the LG Shine showcases AT&T Video Share, text messaging, instant messaging and multimedia messaging with interactive tutorials on a simulated phone display.

AT&T is also a provider of wireless e-mail services.

Mobile professionals can go to the e-mail and productivity area to explore ways to keep in touch when on the road through video demonstrations of enterprise-class e-mail, Web-based personal e-mail and access to documents and calendars on the BlackBerry Curve 8310.

Beyond BlackBerry, AT&T offers a choice of other e-mail services for AT&T-powered smartphones, from the enterprise-grade Microsoft Direct Push and Good Mobile Messaging solutions to Xpress Mail for personal e-mail access.

In each area, shoppers can also choose to view all related devices, launch a demo or purchase a device and corresponding service package.

AT&T has 21 physical Experience Store locations across the country, offering customers a new way to shop for and experience an array of communications and entertainment services.

The goal is to showcase AT&T's complete portfolio of wireless, broadband, video and wireline voice products and services in an engaging, interactive format.

"The Online Experience Store allows customers to see what their devices are capable of doing, adding a level of visibility into how the services work with step-by-step narrated, life-size demonstrations," Ms. Trask said. "Static product information on a Web site doesn't compare."