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GameStop uses mobile coupons for store push

GameStop is using mobile coupons to drive consumers into the retailer's 4,200 locations in the United States and Puerto Rico.

GameStop, a video game and entertainment software retailer, is partnering with Cellfire to deliver a mobile experience meant to add a new dimension of fun, excitement and convenience to the retail experience for its customers. Now, instead of clipping paper coupons or printing them from the Internet, gamers can simply show the coupon displayed on their phone at the register to receive a discount.

"For GameStop this partnership is really about the ability to reach its core gaming demographic," said Brent Dusing, CEO of Cellfire, San Jose, CA. "This demographic doesn't they read the newspaper and they don't want to print coupons online.

"Paper-based discounts are foreign to them," he said. "This demographic is living the digital lifestyle and having the ability to reach them on the device they have everywhere is a unique opportunity."

Gamers can take advantage of these deals at GameStop by subscribing to the Cellfire mobile coupon service at

Consumers can also get an extra 30 percent credit when trading in or exchanging games by texting GSA to 22888.

To receive 20 percent off the purchase of any used game, gamers can text GSD to 22888.

GameStop's strategy is to gain more brand traction, boost sales and introduce the growing number of casual gamers to different genres and systems.

"We run in lots of locations worldwide, such as fast food places, local businesses and retail locations," Mr. Dusing said. "We want to provide our consumers with the best possible offers from all the best advertisers."

To market the fact that GameStop discounts can be found on Cellfire the companies have an ongoing marketing partnership that includes in-store signage, among other advertising mediums.

Consumers access the Cellfire mobile coupon service through an easy-to-use mobile application that resides on their phone or through a mobile Web browser.

New offers are added frequently and users can access the Cellfire service at their convenience to discover and use discounts specific to their geographic area.

Coupons are displayed in an organized manner, allowing consumers to navigate through them by category and select the offers they want to use.

"Approximately 300 billion paper coupons are distributed every year and only about 0.5 percent of them are ever redeemed," Mr. Dusing said. "Newspapers that are not bought off the rack are thrown out.

"Fuel and paper costs are going up and digital coupons are the answer," he said. "The fact that you don't have to print them means that you are not adding to environmental waste."

"The GameStop discounts are healthy, especially in a time when people are trying to budget because of the state of the economy. The discounts are good for parents who are doing holiday shopping and want to save."

While consumers can use text messages to initiate Cellfire registration and save offers for future use, Cellfire is not a text message coupon service. Cellfire is a free service, although standard data or usage charges may apply depending on the carrier or data plan.

"I think mobile has changed landscape for retailers drastically," Mr. Dusing said. "Suddenly these retailers who at one time could only put stuff in print or into people's mailboxes can reach their audience while they are out and about.

"Reaching consumers anywhere they are with relevant offers is a very powerful value proposition," he said. "For retailers, relevancy and location is so important.

"Remember, the vast majority of retailing is done in-store. Like grocery shopping and fast food."