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Jiffy Lube mobile coupons bring 50 percent new households

How can businesses in this economic slump extend their traditional media buy by adding a mobile component and benefit? Ask a local Jiffy Lube auto oil change location in Ames, IA.

KCCQ, one of a group of Clear Channel radio stations that works with mobile marketing firm HipCricket, added mobile to the Ames Jiffy Lube's schedule. The goal was to drive sales, allow for increased measurability and begin a two-way dialogue with listeners.

"We're reaching a new market of consumers that our traditional advertising hasn't been effectively targeting," said Andrew Storjohann, general manager of Jiffy Lube of Ames.

"Roughly 50 percent of the respondents have been from new households and our other advertising methods only bring in 20 percent," he said. "This is based on the trackable text coupons and doesn't even take into account what the radio commercials create on their own."

Ames was established in 1864 to serve the Cedar Rapids and Missouri Railroad. The Iowa town has a population of 50,000 and is home to Iowa State University.

Jiffy Lube began the buy in September, toward the end of the warm season and in the midst of the recession.

Not surprisingly, Jiffy Lube needed to drive business, particularly from new customers who had not been exposed to the oil change location.

KCCQ 15-second radio spots gave listeners the change-to-win free oil changes for a year. Each listener who entered got a coupon via text message that included discounts on oil changes, wiper blades, tire rotations and filters.

There were five text offers that rotated and covered the various Jiffy Lube services. More than 70 spots ran over the first two weeks.

The KCCQ radio station also matched the schedule with 15-second on-air promotions.

Convinced of the campaign's efficacy, the Ames Jiffy Lube extended it to run for four months.

"I appreciate the trackability that HipCricket provides my radio campaigns," said Kris Barrientos, account executive at KCCQ.

"It allows my client, Jiffy Lube, who has a system of coding all their coupons, to see their mobile marketing results, compute ROI and compare them with their other advertising," she said. "Now we have quantifiable data to discuss, something not typical for radio."

Jiffy Lube is now waiting for the spring to run additional media that will again include mobile.

"Especially in the recession, small businesses can extend a traditional media buy by adding a mobile component that pushes product, services and offers and gives the advertiser an ability to grow a valuable database of opted-in consumers who have raised their hands and said they want to have an ongoing dialogue with a brand," said Jeff Hasen, chief marketing officer of HipCricket, Kirkland, WA.

"In this recession, mobile coupons via text are beneficial, easy and affordable," he said. "You can provide the right offer at the right time, and measure and refine all along the way."

As this campaign proves, mobile is not only driving new business for Jiffy Lube, but also bringing more media dollars in for Clear Channel by making traditional radio spots interactive.

"Beyond the initial interaction, smart brands and businesses are working with us to create those opt-in databases that put the business in front of the consumer in a permission-based situation," HipCricket's Mr. Hasen said.

"Mobile coupons were interesting to consumers even before the recession," he said. "In our consumer survey in 2008, 58 percent said they were interested in receiving mobile coupons. Given the economic downturn, do you know anyone who isn't interested in receiving discounts?"