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Nissan, Infiniti use mobile to increase customer interaction

Carmakers Infiniti and Nissan are providing customers with the ability to view car information while on the go.

The carmakers teamed up with Usablenet to create mobile sites. The mobile sites let customers view car information and image galleries, request quotes and locate dealers through any Web-enabled mobile device.

"The strategy here is to extend key product information such as specs, pictures, features and offers to customers on their mobile phones and to support interactive elements such as Get a Quote and Build and Price a Car," said Jason Taylor, vice president of mobile products at Usablenet, New York. "Ninety-five million Americans now access the Web from their mobile phones.

"A key demographic is heavy users of smartphones while they travel for business or leisure and want access to sites for pre-purchase information," he said.

Usablenet is a fully managed service that leverages the features and functionality of a company's existing Web site and extends it to all mobile devices worldwide in less than six weeks, requiring no client IT or Web-design resources.

Nissan and Infiniti's mobile sites both offer customers with a range of functionality from the regular Web sites.

Consumers can view detailed, up-to-date information for all car models. They can view pictures of cars via interior and exterior image galleries.

Nissan and Infiniti's mobile sites highlight a unique "build and price" feature.

Interested consumers can request a quote and build and price a customized Nissan or Infiniti car.

Users can choose the make, model, color, trim and other details of their desired vehicle.

The mobile sites allow car shoppers to locate local dealers and retailers and stay informed about current offers and promotions.

Additionally, consumers can join the Nissan or Infiniti mailing lists from the mobile sites.

Through mobile, Usablenet is helping Nissan and Infiniti connect with consumers where they are spending an increasing amount of time -- their mobile phones.

Nissan and Infiniti's mobile launch only marks the beginning of their developments and presence in mobile.

Usablenet's services will help the carmakers continue to adapt to the evolving consumer, keeping best value and convenience a core focus of their communications.

Usablenet has worked with carmakers in the past.

Kia Motors America launched a mobile Web site in November to introduce the new Kia Soul at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

David & Goliath and Usablenet launched Kia Soul Mobile to increase mobile interaction around the new Kia Soul.

The Kia Soul Mobile micro site was designed by David & Goliath and powered by Usablenet (see story).

"For most mobile phones users, this is the first time they can access the good detailed rich graphic-based versions of the sites on their phones," Mr. Taylor said. "The information and pictures before were only available for Web browsers that supported Flash and most mobile phones do not support Flash."