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Fancy Feast supports new line launch with mobile app

Fancy Feast is targeting cat lovers via an iPhone application that promotes its new line of cat food.

The free alarm clock app enables cat owners to record their cats? purrs as alarm wake-up sounds and personalize alarm screens with photos of their cats. The launch activity for the new cat food line also includes a Facebook promotion offering free samples to users who ?Like? the brand.

?Our new line of breakfast-inspired meals for cats, Fancy Feast Mornings Gourmet Cat Food, is made with poultry or seafood, garden veggies and real egg, and celebrates the moments cats and people share in the morning,? said Amanda Culbertson-Kraemer, brand manager for Fancy Feast, St. Louis, MO. 

?The MorningPurr app takes that celebration to the iPhone,? she said. ?People can upload their cats? purrs to use as alarm clock wake-up sounds, and personalize alarm screens with photos of their cats.

?It?s our first app, and it should be available for free download through the App Store by early July.?

Shared moments
The new Fancy Feast Mornings Gourmet Cat Food line was developed to address the number of cat owners who like to share special moments with their pets in the morning.

A recent survey by Fancy Feast found that more than 60 percent of cat owners say their cats are most eager to get their attention in the mornings. Additionally, nearly 45 percent of cat owners feed their cats first thing in the morning and more than 70 percent are awakened in the morning by either their cats or an alarm clock.

Among those who are awakened by their cats, more than 50 percent said their cats wake them up by meowing.

The marketing activity in support of the launch also includes a Facebook promotion. Morning Missions announcements began appearing on the Fancy Feast Facebook timeline on June 25, encouraging users to unlock free samples by completing "Liking" Fancy Feast on Facebook.

Cat-themed apps
While this is Fancy Feast?s first app, the brand?s owner Nestle Purina PetCare has been active in the mobile space, having launched mobile apps for several different brands.

The list of apps includes the Purina Guide for Veterinarians app, the Petcentric app, Friskies Call-A-Cat, GI Diagnostic, Friskies JitterBug and Cat Fishing 2.

The company also recently introduced a mobile Web site as part of a multichannel campaign to promote Pro Plan pet food and help pet owners connect to their furry friends (see story). 

Additionally, late last year Purina used on-package QR codes to drive donations to its charity that supports pet shelters (see story). 

A mobile app such as MorningPurr is a great way for Fancy Feast to target a specific audience with content that has utility and will keep them engaged with the brand.

?We hope people enjoy using the app to ensure they never miss out on their special morning moments and rituals with their cats, even when away from home,? Ms. Culbertson-Kraemer said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York