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Pepsi exec: Every campaign we have has a mobile component

During the ?Reimagine: Global Marketing Strategies? session, the executive discussed the role that the medium plays in the company?s day-to-day initiatives. The executive also presented a case study on a recent campaign the company did with Kiip.

?For us, mobile is part of our and our consumer?s lifestyle,? said Jason Thalappillil, marketing director of digital engagement at PepsiCo, Purchase, NY.

?We?ve been doing a lot of mobile over the years,? he said. ?And it?s not just mobile anymore, it?s also tablet devices.

?Whether it?s through our NFL partnership [or something else], every campaign we have has a mobile component ? whether it?s leading the campaign or simply just a part of the component.?

Mobile first
According to Mr. Thalappillil, mobile is important because it is a device that consumers always have on-hand.

Pepsi also believes that that it is critical for marketers to be where their consumers are.

?Mobile has been part of our marketing mix for a long time and it?ll continue to be down the road,? Mr. Thalappillil said.

Earlier this year, Pepsi?s Propel Zero Water worked with mobile rewards company Kiip to reward athletes through mobile applications such as MapMyRun and Nexercise.

By interacting with the mobile app, consumers were rewarded with the water brand?s powdered mix packets.

The purpose of the campaign was to increase brand awareness, as well as increase trial of purchase.

Pepsi?s Propel found that the initiative helped increased brand awareness by 28 percent.

Additionally, there was a 51 percent purchase intent increase and just over 72 percent of users said that they were going to consider Propel Zero the next time they were going to buy enhanced water.

?We were able to move the needle,? said Christopher Kobran, vice president of brands and strategic partnerships at Kiip, San Francisco.

?We are there to reach people serendipitously with a reward,? he said.

Seeing results
The Propel campaign helped the company build up its brand and reach new consumers.

The company targeted casual fitness and music enthusiasts.

?We thought about how we can get people to know more about our product,? Pepsi?s Mr. Thalappillil said.

?The campaign accomplished a lot for us and helped get the word out for Propel Zero," he said.

?The lift in brand metrics made this a great direct-response campaign.? 

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York