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New York Jets exec: Mobile and location improves the fan experience

NEW YORK ? A New York Jets executive at the 2013 MultiScreen Summit said that applications are important in improving the in-stadium experience as the team gradually builds its mobile strategy.

During the ?Fireside Chat: Location, location, location? session, executives from Google and the New York Jets presented a look at how the football team leverages mobile to connect with fans. The session was moderated by Asif Khan, executive director of the Location Based Marketing Association, Toronto.

?We were really focused on making the experience at our stadium the best as possible,? said Paul Marsh, director of app development at New York Jets, New York.

?We?re trying to make the stadium as great of an experience as possible, whether the team wins or loses, so to do that we saw that location especially for our in-stadium experience will be a great way to reach out to fans,? he said.

Mobile fans
The New York Jets has one official app that the sports team uses to connect with fans both in-stadium and at home.

When it comes to app content, pieces of content such as press conferences are popular with users.

The New York Jets also has a strong social media presence and the team sees that consumers love to share content to friends and family via the app.

One of the primary goals of the app is to elevate the in-stadium experience, meaning that location plays a key role in how the team communicates with fans via mobile.

The MetLife stadium where the team plays contains 2,000 connected TVs and four jumbotrons. Mobile helps the football team have a two-way discussion with consumers across multiple screens.

The New York Jets is gradually getting further into mobile, but eventually sees opportunities around identifying an in-stadium ticket holder to anticipate where they are going and what content is most important to them through the app.

Being able to serve relevant information to a particular consumer helps personalize the experience.

Additionally, the team is also using the app to create a cohesive brand experience for fans.
Outside of the stadium
The New York Jets also leverages location to target fans that are outside of the New York area.

For example, the team has a variety of different sponsors that could leverage pockets of New York Jet fans across the country to target consumers with team-related offers and deals.

Take Subway, for example. If the New York Jets has an active following in Miami, Subway could potentially send a message to fans to drive in-store traffic via mobile.

?That information and knowing where people are and then being able to act on it for our own internal needs on any given day, on any given time is really going to help us,? Mr. Marsh said.