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McDonald?s, NFL offer exclusive game content via mobile promotion

The National Football League has teamed up with McDonald?s to promote a new application with a campaign that places mobile calls-to-action in 14,000 restaurants in the United States.

The NFL has launched a new mobile game called NFL Runner: Football Dash that is being rolled out in time for football season this year. McDonald?s is leveraging its packaging, in-store collateral and in-game product placements to promote the app.

?This is the first time that we have worked with a sponsor to create digital experiences that will be delivered to customers that purchase physical goods,? said David Healy, director of the strategy and business development group at NFL Media, New York.

?For us, gaming is a strategic place to create interactive experiences on mobile devices,? he said. ?McDonald?s will provide promotional weight to drive downloads of the game in a significant way.?

Game on mobile
In-store signage and copy on packaging at McDonald?s locations promote consumers to download the app and include a code that can be typed into the app to unlock additional products.

The promotion is also being used by McDonald?s to introduce a new product called Mighty Wings.

The power-up codes can include content such as extended life or the ability to move through a game level quickly.

The NFL Runner: Football Dash app is available for free download for in Apple?s App Store and Google Play.

The game lets consumers pick a team to play on and compete against other NFL teams. 

Players make their way around the opposing team members and maneuver obstacles. 

As players rush down the field, they can grab collectibles and supercharged power-ups. 

The McDonald?s logo is also incorporated into the game on a billboard and as a game object that consumers can collect while running down the field.

The McDonald?s promotion will begin on Sept. 23 and will run through the fall.

The game was developed with Pocket Gems.

Bigger mobile focus
The NFL mobile game fits into a bigger strategy that the NFL is rolling out this fall for football season.

The company also recently updated its app to let consumers watch games, access team information and buy merchandise and tickets.

The app lets Verizon Wireless subscribers watch NFL games for free (see story). 

The NFL is also looking to roll out more of these types of experiences that integrate sponsors and advertisers into digital products.

Loading products with mobile calls-to-action that unlock additional information is a smart, fun way to take advantage of the few extra few minutes that consumers have in-store.

?McDonald?s is a great partner that has been focused on innovation and finding unique ways to engage with their customers,? Mr. Healy said.

?This is an interesting way to engage with a new product in a gaming application,? he said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York