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Mondelez boosts mobile strategy with global content push

Mondelez International is supporting its industry-leading mobile strategy with a big international push to make content available on locally-popular devices around the world and in ten languages.

Mondelez partnered with Hipcricket to build the mobile sites for its brands, including Oreo, Chips Ahoy! and Wheat Thins. The sites will function as a landing page for Mondelez?s upcoming Google-powered mobile ad campaign that will feature search and display ads within Google.

?We announced in May a global mobile-only partnership focusing on mobile search, mobile display and mobile Web sites,? said Ed Kaczmarek, director of innovation and emerging technology at Mondelez International, Deerfield, IL.

?Hipcricket was chosen to work with our brands around the world to create their mobile Web sites,? he said. ?We were impressed by their mobile-first approach, customer service and mobile expertise.?

Global expansion
Mondelez?s partnership with Hipcricket is a part of its greater efforts to expand globally via mobile.

The upcoming mobile sites will be developed in more than 10 languages and will function around the world. They will also be optimized for handsets that are popular in each particular geographic location.

The mobile sites will also help Mondelez drive mobile commerce.

According to a 2013 Cisco survey, 48 percent of shoppers want to use mobile for in-store shopping. The Mondelez mobile sites will cater to that desire by providing relevant and timely information in a mobile-optimized experience.

Each site will be customized for a Mondelez product and will integrate social sharing and other features.

According to Doug Stovall, chief operating officer of Hipcricket, Kirkland, WA, a mobile-optimized Web site is crucial for a company like Mondelez.

"Consumers are quickly frustrated by and abandon non mobile-optimized Web sites," he said. "For a consumer-packaged-goods company like Mondelez International, mobile provides touch points throughout the path-to-purchase.

"Consumers could be at home planning a shopping list on their tablet, or in the grocery store aisle. With a mobile-optimized Web site, Mondelez brands are always accessible."

Mobile Mondelez
Mobile-specific content is a big priority for Mondelez.

At the Mobile Marketing Association?s SM2 conference, a Mondelez exec spoke about the importance of making sure that marketing efforts are able to be monetized (see story).

At the MMA Forum 2013, the exec also said that being able to understand a consumer's entire shopping journey gives brands a disruptive competitive advantage in mobile (see story).

By spreading both of those goals to its basic mobile sites, Mondelez is able to reach more consumers while at the same time driving revenue. The new mobile sites will enhance the shopping journey while obviously monetizing its mobile marketing efforts.

?This announcement is part of our commitment to spend 10 percent of our global marketing budget on mobile,? Mr. Kaczmarek said.

?Consumers spend more than 23 percent of their daily media consumption time with mobile, but marketers allocate less than one percent of their overall budgets to this medium,? he said. ?In fact, mobile is quickly surpassing TV as the main consumer touch point.

?As such, there is major disparity between consumer usage of mobile and where marketing organizations are putting their ad dollars. So our goal is to embrace that disparity and become one of the top mobile marketers in the world.?

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York