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Dubsmash smashes open new opportunities for entertainment marketers

A number of marketers have turned to the application Dubsmash to connect with its deeply engaged users and build a community of fans for entertainment properties. 

Dubsmash allows users to film a short video of themselves and synch it with audio from a popular television show or movie. This makes it particularly suited for entertainment brands looking to promote connect and drive user engagement. 

?Any platform and/or emerging technology that is capturing users? attention is an opportunity for marketers,? said Kim Garcia, senior vice president of entertainment, at VaynerMedia, New York. ?Dubsmash has reached a high volume of usage with a deeply engaged user base, therefore it presents a big opportunity for brands to reach this audience in a unique way.?

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Dubsmash is a relatively new application, and marketers are still determining the best ways to leverage the platform to connect with consumers. At the moment, it is most convenient for entertainment brands that are able to reach an already established fan base in a new and refreshing manner. 

Users have the opportunity to select from a wide variety of audio clips that can be sorted by popularity, searched for with keywords, or randomly selected from recent submissions. Clips are uploaded by other users, and the collection features many amusing and entertaining moments from television or film.  

?Dubsmash leverages the most notable movie and TV quotes, as well as song lyrics,? Ms. Garcia said. ?Allowing users the opportunity to reenact their favorite scenes or lip-sync their squad?s theme song deepens the connection between the user and the product.? 

One of the biggest benefits of Dubsmash is the way it encourages users to interact with one another by sharing their video clips. For marketers, this presents an excellent opportunity to share their material more widely and establish a community among consumers.  

?As a television network, being able to upload your show talent?s best one-liners--such as Todd Chrisley saying ?class not ass?--not only engages current viewers, but through sharing, it broadens the reach cross-platform to users who haven?t yet discovered USA Network?s Chrisley Knows Best,? Ms. Garcia said.  

?In general, though, any brand that can create content which feels native has an opportunity to be on Dubsmash.?

While Dubsmash has clips to appeal to fans of many different genres, the app does not present manner opportunities for brands to connect with new consumers. It tends to appeal to users who are actively searching for a favorite moment to recreate. 

As the application continues to develop, new opportunities for sponsored content may arise to allow brands to overcome this problem and connect with a wider audience. At the moment, Dubsmash is best suited for entertainment brands or those promoting products that have already established a strong association with the content. 

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For entertainment brands, Dubsmash offers the chance to interact with viewers outside of scheduled programming time. 

Many are taking advantage of the new way to disseminate content. For example, Cable networks Bravo, E! and Oxygen recently launched a social media call-to-action in partnership with Dubsmash, featuring fans? videos on air and showcasing the impact that mobile has on television programming. 

As the mobile application Dubsmash becomes increasingly popular with millennials, allowing them to have fun with their favorite shows, networks such as E!, Oxygen and Bravo have realized the power the platform brings in solidifying a relationship with consumers. These networks pulled videos from the app, which makes fans a part of the content.

Encouraging consumers to get involved with a show on their own time increases the likelihood that they will continue to tune in and watch. USA?s reality series Chrisley Knows Best proved that fan-generated content is key with its Dubsmash partnership to promote its current season. 

The reality show is connecting to fans in a unique and playful method by offering fans use of sound bites from the show on Dubsmash, a lip dubbing application. Chrisley Knows Best shared 30 of its most popular sound clips from the show with Dubsmash, created its own cast-made videos and launched a contest for users to see their content featured on the casts? social media pages to generate hype for its current season, while having fun with fans.

As the app becomes more popular, it is likely that other marketers will begin to take advantage of its creative methods. 

?When a brand is leveraging any community platform, it's important to understand the platform's own nuances and what resonates best with its community,? Ms. Garcia said. ?This is most effectively done through research and insights. 

?For Dubsmash, specifically, it's about creating content around themes that are performing well within categories which align with your product,? she said.