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The Globe and Mail becomes first Canadian newspaper in App Store

Canada?s national newspaper The Globe and Mail has partnered with Spreed Inc. to bring its reader base content on the go.

The partnership will let The Globe and Mail deliver its daily news and multimedia content to the Apple iPhone, Palm Pre and several BlackBerry devices via Spreed?s smartphone application platform and mobile advertising system. While The Globe and Mail application is already available to iPhone and BlackBerry users, Palm Pre owners will have to wait another 24 hours for their news.

?By launching multiple apps on different platforms, we're trying to reach new and existing readers wherever they might be, and also learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each platform,? said Matthew Ingram, communities editor at The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada.

?We're trying to reach younger readers and users as well as digital influencers ? those who are most likely to try new devices,? he said.

The Globe and Mail is Canada?s national newspaper and a division of CTVglobemedia. The multimedia company also owns CTV Inc., a private Canadian broadcaster.

Spreed Inc. develops native smartphone applications for media and content providers, giving them the opportunity to generate revenue via Spreed?s mobile advertising mediation platform.

Spreed claims to be excited about working with The Globe and Mail, admitting that the publication is known for its deep understanding of the online space and embrace of the potential of the mobile landscape.

?The new application addresses the challenge of reaching different kinds of readers in different ways, through multiple platforms,? Mr. Ingram said.

The Globe and Mail?s entrance into the Apple App Store marks Canada?s first newspaper presence on the iPhone platform since the Associated Press launched its Canadian Press Mobile application in March (see story).

Palm Pre?s App Catalogue is still missing a Canadian publication presence, but not for long, as The Globe and Mail application is making its debut in the next few days.

?Our goal is to begin tailoring news around people?s daily habits and preferences,? said David Coleman, director of marketing at Spreed Inc, Toronto, Canada.  ?Since the phone has the potential to know where you are, we can begin serving up stories that are relevant to reader?s current location.

?The phone is also a very person device which means we can allow people to customize their interests and serve them news that they are specifically tailored to the reader,? he said.

The application is divided into six sections, making navigation as straightforward as possible for the reader.

Users can browse for articles in the following sections: Today?s Top Stories, Report on Business, Technology, Sports, Arts and Opinions.

Spreed also offers its mobile reader which increases reading speeds and eliminates the need to scroll through text.

The Globe and Mail application is available to download for free from the Apple App Store, the BlackBerry App World and soon, the Palm Pre App Catalogue.

?Mobile platforms are a way to reach readers quickly and easily when a news event occurs, since most people have their mobile device with them wherever they are,? Mr. Ingram said.

?One of the big potential benefits of mobile news is the ability to allow readers to provide valuable feedback and content through comments, reader-submitted photos and videos and etcetera ? something we hope to incorporate in all of the apps soon,? he said.