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Lego uses app as launch vehicle for 'Click Moments' campaign

Toy giant Lego Systems Inc. is targeting adults with its first application for iPhone and iPod touch, a centerpiece of its multichannel ?Click Moments? campaign.

Lego worked together with Pereira & O?Dell and Flashpoint PR to develop the campaign strategy and creative, and they, in turn, partnered with StruckAxiom for the development of the iPhone application. While Lego has traditionally targeted children, the Click Moments campaign is targeted at older consumers?the ones that hold the purse strings.

?The Lego brand has inspired and fostered the creative development of children of all ages since 1932,? said Michael McNally, brand relations director for the Americas at Lego Systems Inc., Enfield, CT. ?With the Lego Photo app, our goal is to reconnect with adults, parents and those who were once ?Lego Kids.?

?Today, we are fortunate to find a generation comprised of many people who are all three of those in one,? he said.

?Additionally, while we did not develop the app specifically to engage children, we know from the early feedback and reviews that parents are very much sharing and enjoying Lego Photo with their children.?

Lego Systems Inc. is the Americas division of the Lego Group, a privately-held firm based in Billund, Denmark, that claims to be the world's leading manufacturer of construction toys and educational play materials.

Mobile building blocks
Lego is encouraging consumers to engage the brand in conversation on a blog connected to the Click Moments campaign.

Lego said that the hub of the program,, is a virtual canvas of ideas, inspired moments, quirky stories, solutions and tips from serial clickers designed to celebrate and inspire Click Moments of all types.

The blog focuses on those people whose ideas have helped to inspire others and moments when an idea is incubated or launched.

Guest contributors will share stories of how things clicked for them and ideas for how to find a Click Moment, as well as photo and video content.

?We just launched as a place to celebrate those times when great ideas just click, from the big to the everyday ?Every time a child builds with Lego bricks, he feels the pride of turning his ideas into reality.

?Our belief that brilliant ideas can click anywhere in the world at anytime is supported by the stories we?ll share on the blog, and the Lego Photo iPhone app is a fun representation of this idea, giving users a chance to capture and share their moment of inspiration, wherever they are,? he said.

Lego?s first iPhone app
Lego Photo is an application that works with saved images on an iPhone or iPod touch that lets consumers immortalize their favorite things, or their own Click Moments, in Lego form.

Users can choose a photo from an existing gallery or point the camera to snap a photo then touch the screen to render the image as a collection of Lego bricks.

The best Lego portraits use photos that are shot at close range against a light, solid colored background.

Additional screen taps shows portraits in nine different color palette options.

Users can upload the transformed photograph to a social networking page, email it to family and friends, print it or tweet it using #legoclick.

Lego Photo is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.

The company is using various tactics to get the word out about this iPhone application.

There is a social media component. Consumers who want to share personal Click Moments can post a comment to the Lego Click fan page on Facebook or send a tweet #legoclick.

 ?We?re leveraging an integrated mix of public relations, online media and relevant social media tools to build word of mouth visibility for the program?s various components,? Mr. McNally said.

Short film
Created especially for Lego Systems by the team behind music videos for Coldplay, the Chemical Brothers and New Order, a short film reveals the story of a fictional inventor's journey to his Click Moment, inspired by millions of true stories of children who have realized a big idea using imagination, perseverance and sometimes even Lego bricks.

A pile of Lego bricks is what motivated the production team to create a visual vignette punctuated with whimsical animation and an original score that celebrates the sometimes simple and often sublime attainability of a Click Moment.

?If you?ve watched the Lego Short Film we created for this program, you?ll see that we?ve immortalized images of inventors in Lego form and now iPhone and iPod touch users can do the same to photos of their own friends and family,? Mr. McNally said.

?Sharing Lego portraits?personal Click Moments?by uploading to social networking pages, emailing to friends and family, printing them or tweeting them may just inspire others to find their big idea, too,? he said.