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Red Bull energizes event registrations with mobile, social campaign

More than 10 percent of the registrants for a recent sporting event sponsored by Red Bull came in via mobile thanks to a mobile social campaign targeting winter sports enthusiasts.

The energy drink maker used mobile to promote and drive registrants for its annual Red Bull Crashed Iced World Championship event, which took place on March 15 in Quebec City, Canada. The mobile campaign targeted males between 18 and 35 years old across Canada who are interested in skating, hockey and other winter sports.

?Mobile is a personal medium and a marketer?s dream for reaching a target market,? said Omar Kaywan, mobile marketing manager at airG, Vancouver, Canada. ?Especially when social media companies like airG enable brands to use targeting parameters and really drive their brand message to the core audience.

?Mobile brings media efficiencies and a platform for larger consumer packaged goods brands to build one-on-one relationships with their customer base,? he said. ?Today over 800+ million mobile users are accessing mobile social media sites - like airG.

?Brands and agencies need to pay closer attention to mobile and it needs to be a bigger part of their media mix.?

A winning play
Red Bull Crashed Ice is an extreme sporting event that combines ice hockey, downhill skating and boardercross.

The Canada division of Red Bull worked with mobile social network airG and Tagga Media Inc. on a campaign to drive registrations for the event.

AirG tailored the campaign using targeting parameters such as age, gender and location.

The campaign ran from Jan. 14 to Feb. 26. The mobile ads encouraged users to register for the event with copy such as ?Now Drafting Athletes,? ?The Ultimate in ICE CROSS Downhill? and ?Think you can make the cut? Register now!?

The results show how mobile can play an important role for sporting events as well as for brands looking to engage customers on an ongoing basis.

The campaign generated more than four million mobile impressions and over 10 percent of total event registrants came directly from mobile. Additionally, 27 percent of registrants engaged with mobile during the event.

Red Bull also used the campaign to successfully build its opt-in mobile database, with more than 10 percent of the registrants electing to receive communications from Red Bull beyond the event via mobile.

Tagga developed Red Bull?s desktop and mobile registration platform for Crashed Ice!
The company reports that the campaign's mobile ad buy resulted in 4,000,000 brand impressions in mobile, converting to 8,000 clicks. Additionally, there were 9 percent QR code conversion off of printed flyers, 39,000 social impressions, with 13 percent of campaign shares shared
across Twitter versus 83 percent on Facebook.

Mobile social convergence
Brands such as Red Bull, H&M, Oil of Olay and others have used airG to reach its audience of young mobile consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 years old who spend more than 77 minutes a day communicating, interacting and playing social games on airG. AirG's social entertainment features include customized profiles, photo albums, status updates, friend feeds, social games and virtual gifts.

A recent survey by airG of 30,000 users found that 26 percent have engaged with a video or rich media ad and that videos were the format most likely to spur engagement.

AirG also reports that consumer packaged goods brands are seeing over three times the click-throughs for their campaigns.

?Mobile is the most personal medium and one marketers, brands, and agencies have been dreaming of for many years,? Mr. Kaywan said.

?Brands want to build a one-on-one relationship with their consumer base and mobile is that platform,? he said.

?Mobile is the only medium today where you can deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right customer.?