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Use mobile data to drive effectiveness of offline marketing: Dstillery exec

RANCHO MIRAGE, CA ? A Dstillery executive at the Mobile Shopping Summit 2015 underscored the growing opportunities for leveraging mobile user data to make offline marketing more precise.  

During the session, Finding Your Hard To Reach Audience Through Proven Data Science, the executive said that savvy marketers are moving away thinking in terms of demographic buckets when crafting marketing programs. Armed with mobile user data, these marketers are able to create more specific audiences that can enhance their out-of-home and direct mail marketing. 

?Your best audience is everybody else?s best audience,? said Lauren Moores, vice president of strategy at Dstillery. ?How do you cut through the noise? You have to use behavioral data.

?Your brand code is the action of your consumers,? she said. ?They are buying online, they are searching online, they are going to stores, they are going to events, they are using their mobile phone.

?Mobile has allowed us to do so much more than before.?

Customer signals
Mobile behavioral and location data provides important signals about who consumers are. Retailers can see if consumers have visited their store or if they attended an event that the brand sponsored. 

Leveraging this data, companies such as Dstillery try to uncover meaningful insights about customers and pinpoint key audience targets for marketers. This can be more effective than the typical method of simply targeting a demographic, per Ms. Moores. 

For example, millennials are an important demographic right now that a lot of marketers are chasing after because they comprise 30 percent of the population.  However, because so many marketers are going after this audience, it is difficult for anyone brand to get its message to rise above the noise. 

Mobile data delivers insights into millennials so that retailers can uncover different subsets of audiences within the broader group. A brand might find it has 10 different audiences. 

By watching customers? path to purchase and their journey throughout the day, marketers can find similar consumers and target them as prospects. 

Traditional marketing meets digital
Mobile data can also help marketers sequence their messaging or find the areas where billboards ads or direct mail might be most effective, either because there is a preponderance of existing customer or because consumers there look similar to customers in certain ways. Marketers can figure out who has seen a billboard using a geofence and learn about their audience in that particular area. 

One of the keys to making this work is the ability to match mobile data to desktop data. For retailers who do not operate in silos, they can stitch this together themselves. Dstillery uses a matching system. 

The digital data can also help retailers determine where to place their next store. 

?The fun part is taking the traditional and brining it to digital and vice versa ? that is pure mobile,? Ms. Moores said. ?You couldn?t do it without mobile data.?

Final Take
Chantal Tode is senior editor on Mobile Marketer, New York