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Vivino sees app open increase through AI-developed newsletters

Online wine hub Vivino is driving application opens through automated links in its email newsletter individualized for each reader, an example of how data and artificial intelligence-enabled platforms can drive personalization with positive results. 

Vivino is serving its subscribers mobile-enabled newsletters via email, which congregate a series of reviews, ratings and wine discussions from its community based on data from each individual reader. The email is enabled with deep links for users to seamlessly continue to its mobile app, which is significantly driving opens. 

"We are thrilled about the possibilities of AI,? said Heini Zachariassen, CEO of Vivino. ?Used at the right place, AI is much more efficient than humans.?

Vivino is leveraging an AI solution from app-growth developer Shortcut Media for its newsletters. 

Artificial intelligence 
The online wine destination is leveraging an artificial intelligence-powered algorithm that taps into behavioral data to serve targeted newsletters to users. Vivino users are getting personalized emails that give them an updated look at what is going on in the wine community. 
The newsletters share a range of ratings and a look at what wines community members are tasting. The emails share wines and reviews that the specific user might be interested in based on their user history and wines they have interacted with digitally. 

Each piece of content is enabled with a deep link for users to seamlessly continue reading on the mobile app for content of interest. Users can click on reviews they are interested in and the app will automatically open to that piece of content. 

Vivino also has access to a range of app attribution and data to measure the success rate of its opens. Shortcut?s solution, originally launched in stealth mode, has seen a two times increase in retention and engagement for initial launch partners, including Vivino. 
The app saw a significant increase in daily and monthly active users, as well as app downloads. Vivino is comparing the data of various campaigns to continue driving opens and installs for its mobile app. 

Marketers and email
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Chiquita Bananas similarly tapped into the interest of quick-fix snacks with a recent campaign that served interactive recipes and enabled recipients to check off ingredients needed from a grocery store, resulting in 52 percent of email engagement stemming from mobile (see more). 

?Shortcut?s AI dives into the multi-dimensional app usage data in order to learn and understand better ways to engage with your app users,? Mr. Zachariassen said. ?What Shortcut is planning will redefine app marketing.?