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Planet Fitness' mobile quiz reminds followers it's ok to treat themselves

Fitness center chain Planet Fitness is promoting its image as a destination for novice gym goers with a mobile campaign celebrating National Pizza Day and informing users what their favorite topping says about them. 

Users are sharing their favorite pizza ingredients with Planet Fitness on its mobile platform, which determines personality traits based on the users? choice. The platform takes the form of popular online quizzes that are widely popular with consumers. 

"It is important that is optimal for mobile use as we know that in today?s fast-paced world everyone?s constantly connected to their phone and checking their social media accounts," said McCall Gosselin, director of public relations at Planet Fitness. "Fans can visit from any mobile device, to learn and share what their favorite pizza topping says about their personality and workout behavior.

"Social media played an integral role when creating the platform as we wanted everyone to not only learn what their pizza topping preference says about their personality and their workout, but also shine the spotlight on some of fun traditions Planet Fitness offers," she said. "As the home of the Judgement Free Zone, Planet Fitness is known for rewarding our members after a good workout, like pizza on the first Monday of every month."

Planet fitness pizza
Planet Fitness focuses its marketing efforts on creating an image that appeals to the average gym users versus the workout addict. The gym chain offers free pizza every first Monday of the month to reward members, and remind them that it is ok to treat themselves once in a while. 

Once the pizza fan selects a favorite topping, the platform generates a personality summary, created by Foodology creator Juliet A. Boghossian, a behavioral food expert. For instance, if a user selects the uncommon Hawaiian pizza as their favorite, the platform reveals that this individual is complex, but easy going and will do best with a timed workout or a program designed with a fitness instructor. 

Each result ties in with a fitness personality as well, so gym goers will be sparked with ideas on how to best workout.

Twitter and Facebook are integrated into the platform so that users can seamlessly share their results and prompt other users to do the same. Users click on the Twitter or Facebook symbol to post to their respective pages, allow authorization and then post the curated content. 
The posts on social media automatically generate a shorter version of the results, and include a tag for Planet Fitness and link back to the platform. For instance, for the Hawaiian pizza fan a tweet will read ?I like Hawaiian Pizza, which makes me a Deep Thinker, discover your pizza personality via @PlanetFitness.?

Mobile importance 
Mobile quizzes such as this are important in connecting with consumers. A Levi Strauss & Co. executive at the Mobile Shopping Summit 2015 said the brand focuses on leveraging interactive features such as mobile quizzes and personalized emails to showcase the fit and style of its denim while supporting the 50 percent of traffic stemming from smartphones (see more).

Verizon also revolutionized the classic game Charades and retaining its place as a key player in mobile innovation through a contest in which users must decode secret messages on Twitter (see more). 

"We wanted to amplify this tradition on National Pizza Day by encouraging people to enjoy our interactive look at the connection between pizza toppings, personality traits and workout out style, and share those results with their friends," Ms. Gosselin said. "Anyone can do this when they go to, choose your favorite pizza topping, and from there you?re able to share your results on your personal Twitter and Facebook platforms."