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Sephora solidifies presence as trusted beauty source with Wishbone adoption

Sephora is expanding its digital reach to mobile application Wishbone, where users can vote on comparable photo choices, continuing its ubiquitous presence as a beauty content provider, a strategy that cements its place as a top retailer. 

The retailer made its debut on Wishbone this week and is interacting with followers by sharing images of comparable beauty products and styles on which users can vote. Sephora has continually broadened its brand beyond retail through various mobile and digital platforms, making itself a trusted and go-to source for beauty. 

"At Sephora, we are always looking to reach our clients on the platforms they are adopting or migrating to while engaging them with fun, playful and educational beauty conversations," said Bindu Shah, vice president of digital marketing at Sephora. "Wishbone has a large and rapidly growing monthly active user base of millennial and Gen Z women, which created an organic alignment with our content."

Make a wish

Sephora announced to its Snapchat followers that it launched its verified account on Wishbone. Users were immediately able to follow the retailer, and incorporate Sephora?s posts into their feed. 

The retailer is sharing various polls for anything beauty-related such as styles, products and techniques all surrounding hair, nail art, makeup and skincare. The posts can give inspiration to followers for different looks as well as prompt them to buy a new product. 

One post asked users which Sephora-brand face mask they preferred, a pink Lotus mask for moisturizing and soothing or the blue Algae for purifying and detoxifying. Users select their favorite by tapping the corresponding image, which then generates the outcome percentages. 

Sephora already has more than 18,500 followers, many of whom interact by voting, commenting and sharing its posts. 

Mobile strategies
Taco Bell also appealed to young consumers to promote its new value menu through humorous posts on the Wishbone, playing on the idea that everyone likes to save money (see more).

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"We are connecting with clients by leveraging user generated content (by Sephora fans) from The Beauty Board, Sephora?s visual platform to learn and discover new looks, and the products our clients used to create them," Ms. Shah said. "The Beauty Board is an industry differentiator for us, we believe in 'inspiring fearlessness' and know that images of real women resonate and inspire our Sephora clients."