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?This is Canada? campaign integrates mobile into print ad buy

Sunday?s Los Angeles Times included a cover sheet folded around the paper, providing four pages of ad space on which the Canada Tourism Commission launched a campaign that integrates QR codes to directly connect readers with mobile content. 
The cover sheet folded around the paper ? called a spadea ? completely covered the Sunday editions of the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, the Boston Globe and Friday?s San Francisco Chronicle. The print ad contains panoramic photos and descriptive text in a Web-style design that is meant to encourage readers to use their phones to experience more.

?Basically the ad has a very unique Web look and feel and they are bringing the interactivity that is associated with Web to print and the best way to do that is through QR codes,? said Dave Miller, president/CEO of Mobile Discovery Inc.

?The spadea bring the pages to life and we wanted to allow people to see the best pictures and be able to read the content and act on the excitement in the moment,? he said. ?QR codes let you act in the moment.?

Ad agency DDB Vancouver created the ad for Canada Tourism Commission. Mobile Discovery powered the QR codes.

The Mobile Discovery Connected Media Platform allows advertisers and marketers to professionally manage QR code campaigns.

The system allows codes to be provisioned, customized, organized and modified at any point in the life of the campaign as well as providing analytics and reporting.

QR codes linking to mobile videos let readers experience the thrill of a zip line in Calgary, tour neighborhoods in Ottawa, explore the restaurant scene of Montreal and view hundreds of videos from destinations throughout Canada.

In addition, readers can get special offers and book travel directly on their phones.

Because consumers are increasingly experiencing the world through their phones, mobile was integrated into the print ad.

?I think mobile is changing how advertisers view print,? Mr. Miller said. ?Print is part of the equation and not a standalone tactic.

?It is an integrated piece of the overall media mix and advertisers and marketers that figure out how to integrate and use the two in a synergistic fashion are the ones who will win,? he said. 

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