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Self magazine promotes health and wellness via SMS program

Conde Nast?s Self magazine is using an SMS program to help kick users into shape with health and wellness messages.

The program sends users a series of text messages each day that are geared to encourage them to eat healthy and exercise.  The service can be opted-into for $2.99 a month.

?When you get a text, you immediately check to see who is reaching out,? said Lucy Danziger, editor-in-chief of Self magazine, New York.

?People are getting email overload and let their inboxes pile up?even deleting them without reading,? she said.

?A text is more intimate?you know that person has your phone number.? 

Daily reminder
Self?s Diet Tapper service sends an average of five texts per day to consumers.

Messages are scheduled at intervals during the day when consumers need a fitness or health boost.

For example, the program sends out messages around midday reminding subscribers to eat healthy at lunch with a quick, simple tip. The messages also include a recommended meal with a rough calorie count.

In addition to nutritional information, the app also reminds users to exercise at certain times of the day and draws subscribers to content on the magazine?s Web site.

The diet program was created by a group of fitness experts and dietitians.

Once users opt-in , they  will  begin receiving  daily texts, as well as the Recipe of the Week newsletter.

Additionally, subscribers can interact with other users by tweeting at @SELFTapper. Tips from the program will also be featured throughout the print magazine.

Readers can also access Self?s exclusive dieting plans with recipes, workout and tips on the publication?s Web site

Health bits
Self is diving into SMS after gaining insight into the effects  text messages have on healthy living.

?Research shows that dieters who received their weight loss plan via texts throughout the day lost five times as many pounds as those who didn?t,? Ms. Danziger said.

?Dieting can be extremely challenging on its own, but the Self Diet Tapper sends users a gentle reminder to take a healthy action to remember to eat, drink, move, and not go too long between snacks or meals,? she said.

With the new SMS service, Self is building on the wellness and fitness mission of its magazine.

?Self Diet Tapper is a natural extension of Self?s already successful diet and fitness programs,? Ms. Danzinger said.

?We are making healthy living easy and fun whether you?re reading the magazine, on mobile, Web or Facebook,? she said.

Final Take

Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York