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Macy?s mobile spend up 70pc: FirstLook keynote

NEW YORK ? A Macy?s executive at the Mobile FirstLook: Strategy 2012 conference said that the company has increased its mobile spend by 70 percent. So, where is the retail giant placing its mobile dollars? 

During the ?Macy?s: How the nation?s leading department store chain is developing a 360-degree mobile strategy? keynote, the executive discussed how Macy?s is using mobile to reach its consumers. Mobile not only gives legs to the company?s efforts, but also has become an important advertising, marketing and retail destination unto itself.

?The mobile display arena is working for us,? said Martine Reardon, executive vice president of national marketing at Macy?s, New York. ?We?re moving more dollars into mobile display because we have great results for this.

?What we?re trying to do is be more efficient with what we have,? she said. ?When we see things that are working, we?re moving money from traditional media into that space.

?Traditional media and digital media play with each other. What we really are trying to do is find the right roles for each media and still test and learn.?

Mobile FirstLook: Strategy 2012 was a presentation of Napean, parent to Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily. 

?One of the key things in our learning is that our customers love deals, they love to feel like they actually got something great for the hunt,? Ms. Reardon said.

?Mobile offers have become an incredibly important part of our marketing strategy,? she said. ?We want that consumer engagement and offers have become an important part of it.?

Consumers can opt-in to receive offers and deals through the Macy?s SMS program.

?What we?re trying to do is grow our SMS database,? Ms. Reardon said. ?We?re using our printed vehicles such as the catalogs that come to your home.

?If there?s a coupon there, there?s a short code that you can enter on your phone,? she said. ?We?re using push notifications as well.?

According to Ms. Reardon, a great deal of research is done in the space to help Macy?s build its overall strategy.

?We?re really looking at it as one brand and mobile becomes a really important part of that,? Ms. Reardon said. ?If we don?t embrace [mobile] we?re going to miss out on a lot of customers and a lot of consumer engagement.?

According to the executive, there are currently three statements that are still at the core of what Macy?s is about ? be everywhere, do everything and never fail to astonish the customer.

Mobile is fundamental for Macy?s.

The company?s consumer is constantly in motion, she is a shopper and she does not want to stop on her desktop.

?To engage her we have to be useful,? Ms. Reardon said. ?We have to give her enough information about the product.

?The mobile device is an extremely important part of Macy?s initiatives,? she said.

Mobile relaunch
In November, Macy?s relaunched its mobile site to be more user-friendly for consumers.

The mobile site was developed by Moovweb.

With the relaunch, the company was looking to make a much easier shopping experience through mobile devices, per Ms. Reardon.

In Spring 2011, Macy?s started playing in the QR code space for its Backstage Pass campaign.

Last year, Macy?s used SMS and QR codes to let shoppers get backstage access to the latest spring fashion trends and view video content from their favorite designers.

Some of the designers included Jessica Simpson, Tommy Hilfiger and Bobbi Brown.

?Bobbi Brown was the most downloaded QR code that we had because it was a tutorial,? Ms. Reardon said. ?She taught you how to create the smoky eye.

?We really test and learn in this space,? Ms. Reardon said. ?We always learn something.?

Checking in
According to Ms. Reardon, mobile technology such as check-ins has also helped the company expand in the mobile space.

Macy?s partnered with shopkick, a rewards-based program, two years ago to let consumers collect kickbucks when they enter the department store.

?Shopkick has become really interesting in the mobile space ? we?re learning a ton,? Ms. Reardon said. ?Foursquare has been a great partner as well ? they?ve helped us with the parade and fireworks."

Macy?s has also signed on to use Google Wallet in its in-store locations.

Consumers have the ability to use their mobile device to tap and pay at Macy?s locations around the country.

?Traditionally, you see lines at registers and consumer want to avoid all of that,? Ms. Reardon said.

?We?re using mobile in everyway possible to really complete a customer?s experience,? she said.

Martine Reardon, executive vice president of national marketing at Macy's

Final Take
Rimma Kats is staff reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York