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Trolli brings quirkiness to Messenger chatbot with giveaways, quizzes

Ferrara Candy Company?s Trolli brand is translating its brand quirkiness for a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that offers a range of activities in chat form, including giveaways and several surprises meant to appeal to young users. 

Trolli?s unique chatbot evokes the personality of the brand in an experience that acts as more of a gaming push than a messaging service. The bot uses eccentric phrases, derived from its branding, and offers fun activities such as finding out your spirit gummi and getting free samples. 

"Trolli's bot takes a user down a fun path that ends with a reward," said Christian Brucculeri, CEO of Snaps. "The brand has been building an amazing collection of weirdly awesome content for years, and the bot is another way for users to discover, interact with, and share that content with friends."

Texting with Trolli 

The experience starts out by giving users the option to find their spirit gummi, write Trolli a love letter or send in a complaint. The latter two are the brand?s interesting phrases to contact the brand for any issues, and by clicking on those responses, users are brought to its parent company?s Web page. 

Users that click ?Find Ur Spirit Gummi? will answer a series of questions that fit the brands? unique persona to determine what Trolli branded candy best suits you. For instance, participants are asked questions such as ?kk, weirdo. First question, what clique do you kick it with,? and ?what scares you the most.? 
Individuals chatting with Trolli have prepared responses to choose from for each question and each answer garners a unique meme, GIF or image including some sort of product or branding. Lucky participants will receive a free product giveaway, but will have to fill out their information and address, which means that Trolli can garner a wide range of info from its fans. 

Chatbot rise
Marketers are adopting chatbots rapidly for a variety of reasons, but many are taking on a gaming and helpful experience. 

Disney similarly used chatbots on Facebook Messenger to create an interactive dialogue with fans of animated film Zootopia, letting users discover and solve crimes while driving awareness for the film's DVD release (see more). 

Whole Foods Market also got in on the chatbot frenzy, but with a new twist, serving fans on Facebook Messenger recipes with instructions that are personalized based on a user's responses (see more). 

"The bot closes with a reward for consumers, and so for end users the goal is to find out who your Trolli bot personality is, and get a reward," Mr. Brucculeri said. "For the brand, this is a new creative space, so the primary goal is to build a new way for consumers to engage with Trolli and their weirdly awesome content on Messenger."