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Shazam bumps up news tab for increased engagement

Shazam?s most recent application update showcases efforts to keep users coming back for music news and trends, strengthening its presence in the world of music on mobile.

The music identification service is building on innovations to its mobile platform to connect users with their friends also using the app. By integrating its app with iOS 8, Shazam can stay current and continue to appeal to its users.

?Shazam seamlessly connects its 100 million monthly active users to the world around them and is constantly adding new content, features and partners to ensure the app is everywhere fans are,? said Patricia Parra, CMO at Shazam, New York.

Building on
While Shazam is and has always been a mobile-first platform, it is clear the music news provider is aiming to stay relevant as a service provider as mobile consumption becomes even more prevalent.

Shazam?s redesigned news page is focused more on personalization, allowing users to see more news from the artists that have been Shazamed. It will also include new tracks and exclusive videos. Users can connect with their friends and see what they have been listening to on Shazam.

The Tags tab now lets users quickly preview and purchase their recent Shazams. 

The app also has a new page dedicated to music charts, and users can see new tracks that are often being Shazamed on their news feed.

Using Auto Shazam, users can access and purchase these pieces of music in the notification widget on iOS 8 devices and are not required to open the app. Auto Shazam continuously identifies music and TV while preserving smart phones? battery life.

Track lists have a new layout that allows users to see more items on a single page. 

These updates follow Shazam?s integration with Siri on iOS devices following the release of iOS 8 in September.

?Apple selected Shazam as one of only a handful of apps tapped for Siri integration with the rollout of the new iOS 8,? Ms. Parra said. ?Shazam is thrilled with the partnership, which instantly gives iOS users access to tens of millions of songs by simply asking Siri ?What?s this song???

Shazam also recently announced Shazam for Radio in partnership with Sun Broadcast Group to change how users consume and interact with radio, allowing stations to create customized, interactive content for listeners and advertisers.  

Earlier this year, the music service launched Resonate, an integrated sales solution that gives TV networks the ability to control messaging, content experiences, brand engagement and revenue through distributed and dynamic second screen experiences.

Appealing to brands, networks
The Country Music Association Festival, which aired on ABC in August, partnered with music-recognition service Shazam to offer second-screen ads that encouraged users to take a more in-depth look at the featured stars.

Offering behind-the-scene footage, additional performances, giveaways and more, the Shazam experience gave viewers a way to step further into the experience. Since those tuning in are there simply to enjoy the entertainment, and music fans are known to go lengths for a closer look at their favorite singers, this lent a convenient opportunity for an app such as Shazam to engage viewers (see story). 

With more than 700,000 Shazams during the 2014 Super Bowl and a revamped iOS application, Shazam has placed itself as an attractive option for second-screen marketing by providing its growing user base with added value this year.

During the Super Bowl, Shazam recognized all of the ads for the first time ever, with Chevrolet and Jaguar leading the way with top-Shazamed ads. Following the success of these second-screen engagements, Shazam announced a new look for its iPhone app (see story).

Shazam has the potential to market itself for brand use. If it maintains its momentum, Shazam will continue to hold the attention of top brands, such as Apple and Google.

?Shazam can identify tens of millions of tracks, 160 TV channels and hundreds of TV ads, with retail and cinema environments coming soon,? Ms. Parra said. ?Shazam also works with all major streaming partners, including Google Play, iTunes, Beats, Spotify, Rdio and Deezer, so users can listen to songs in their entirety.?

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon is an editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York