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Entertainment brands use mcommerce 2X more than other verticals: Millennial Media

Mobile commerce is being used twice as much in advertising campaigns from entertainment brands than other verticals, highlighting the medium?s impact in driving quick ticket sales, according to a new report from Millennial Media.

Millennial?s Smart report hones in on how entertainment brands are using mobile advertising to increase awareness, television tune-ins and movie theater foot traffic. The report also looks at which sub-verticals in entertainment are most heavily investing in mobile advertising.

"Tickets are the second most-sold category of items on mobile devices, behind clothing," said Mollie Spilman, executive vice president of global sales and marketing at Millennial MediaBaltimore, MD. 

?Given the industry's embrace of mobile, we see this accelerating in the coming year to capture impulse buys for hot entertainment properties,? she said. ?We're also excited about the potential of video ads with interactive features, and look forward to working closely with our entertainment partners to really push the limits of what these creative units can do."

Mobile sneak peaks
According to Millennial, entertainment advertisers up their ad spend three times during the fourth quarter of the year compared to other times of the year due to the releases of films.

In particular, many of these brands and film studios are leveraging their assets with video as a post-click action within a mobile ad. Forty-four percent of entertainment advertisers on Millennial?s platform served a video as a post-click action on a mobile ad during the second-quarter of 2013.

For example, Fox ran a mobile campaign to promote the show ?Sleepy Hollow? with Millennial. The broadcaster drove tune-ins by encouraging consumers to either add an event to a calendar or watch a video to learn more about the show.

Entertainment brands are also over-indexing on incorporating social media into mobile campaigns compared to other verticals.

According to the report, entertainment advertisers are three times more likely to incorporate social media into their campaigns.

The report also breaks out entertainment brands? investments into sub-vertical categories.

Television programming was responsible for the highest amount of mobile campaigns, representing 27 percent of total entertainment campaigns. 

Books and magazines made up 17 percent of the sub-vertical mix, followed by motion picture releases with 16 percent of total entertainment campaigns.

Video gaming made up 13 percent of total entertainment brand campaigns, followed by the DVD/digital download release group and the concerts, events and attractions category.

Advertising goals
The top three audiences that entertainment advertisers want to hit via mobile advertising are parents, casual gamers and core gamers.

When it comes to key performance indicators, brand awareness was No. 1 for entertainment brands. Brand awareness was the top goal for 39 percent of Millennial?s campaigns.

The second-highest KPI was driving traffic, representing 34 percent of campaigns? goals.

Product launches and releases represented 17 percent of advertisers? goals, and 7 percent of marketers were focused on keeping an in-market presence.

"We've seen a sharp increase in entertainment brands embracing mobile advertising on our platform, with the primary goal of raising brand awareness for their properties," Ms. Spilman said.

"Compared to other advertisers on our platform, they're more likely to use video and social media tie-ins from within their ad campaigns to generate buzz for upcoming releases,? she said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York