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65pc prefer watching full-length movies on mobile vs. shorter content

When it comes to watching mobile video, 65 percent of consumers prefer to watch full-length movies or television shows over shorter content, according to a new report from Vuclip.

With the small screen sizes on smartphones, the common wisdom is that user interest will lean more towards viewing shorter video clips on mobile than full-length movies and TV programs. However, Vuclip?s third quarter 2013 Global Video Insights reveals a strong interest in long-form content as mobile video continues to grow, pointing to an opportunity for advertisers to reach users with ads while they are watching this content.

?Previous research and common sense assumptions have all pointed toward the consumer?s appetite to watch shorter videos via mobile,? said Arun Prakash, chief operating officer of Vuclip, Milpitas, CA. ?Recent developments and the popularity of apps like Vine and Instagram reinforce this theory.

?This study urges marketers to step back and take a more macro view of the industry,? he said. ?Mobile video is not limited to developments by companies like Facebook or Twitter; we also need to consider exponential growth by companies like Netflix and Amazon Video.

?It goes against conventional wisdom, but longer videos on the go are quickly becoming a trend that cannot be missed."

Demographic differences
Vuclip surveyed 50,000 consumers for the report.

The results show that even in areas where fast network speeds are unavailable, mobile users have a high-level of interest in watching full-length programming.

The preference for longer content is particularly noticeable among younger consumers, with 74 percent of those under the age of 18 sharing this preference.

By gender, the interest in longer content is stronger for men, at 67 percent, compared to the 57 percent of women preferring longer videos.

Additionally, 84 percent of respondents said they would watch their favorite TV series on their phone if it were available via mobile. For those under 18, the number rises to 92 percent.

In terms of movies, 89 percent of all respondents said they would watch their favorite movie on mobile while 94 percent of those under 18 said the same.

Buffering a concern
Despite the strong interest in mobile viewing, users do have concerns about watching longer videos on their phones, with 32 percent saying cost is a top concern, 21 percent buffering and 10 percent, the inability to find content they are interested in.

In the United States, where some users still have unlimited data plans, buffering is the top concern.

The types of content users are searching for varies by country, with the U.S. audience more interested in celebrity-related content while the Indian audience most likely to search for full movies.

?We hope this study will encourage all content creators to change their outlook toward mobile audiences,? Mr. Prakash said. ?In several developing countries mobile is the only screen available.

?There is an appetite for content like full-length film and television shows,? he said. ?Content providers, publishers and advertisers should develop content that reaches this audience.

?This audience should not be ignored; viewers will only continue to grow and adapt to newer technologies.?

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York