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Mobile advertisers more concerned about media brand image: report

Mobile advertisers are more motivated by a media brand?s image when deciding where to spend their dollars compared to advertisers in digital, print and television, according to a new report from Advertiser Perceptions.

While mobile is quickly growing, it is still relatively young, and it is not entirely clear yet which media brands users are finding the most value from. As a result, it makes sense that a big concern for mobile advertisers is the perceived image of the environment where their ads are appearing.

?Media brands who want to sell their mobile advertising had better focus their pitches on impressing advertisers with their own brand strength and client-branding capabilities, the quality, depth and receptiveness of their audience, and show/prove how they will deliver on ad results, measurement and ROI,? said Randy Cohen, president and chief operating officer of Advertiser Perceptions, New York.

?At the same time, advertisers should focus more time and energy on reaching their mobile consumers/customers by creating distinctive advertising experiences that take advantage of the unique and ubiquitous accessibility and location marketing opportunities provided by smartphones, and the sight, sound and motion capabilities of tablets,? he said.

Buying decisions
The findings point to the factors that media brand executives should consider when trying to improve sales and marketing results on mobile as there are key differences in why advertisers decide to buy on mobile compared to digital, print and TV.

Audience reach is the second biggest driver for advertising spend decisions across all media. In third place on mobile is optimization.

After optimization, mobile advertisers are considering value for money, content, targeting capabilities and audience engagement when making their buying decisions.

Ad results are the primary consideration on digital but are not one of the top seven drivers on mobile.

On print, advertisers are most concerned about value for money with ad results in third place.

On TV, audience composition is the top driver in buying decisions with cost/price in third place.

Growing enthusiasm for tablets
According to the nearly 2,000 advertisers and their agencies who participated in Advertiser Perception?s July 2013 Advertiser Intelligence Reports, the mobile advertising marketplace is extremely optimistic in terms of planned spending increases over the next 12 months, with the majority of dollars being spent on smartphones.

However, the results show greater optimism and spending moving to tablets, as well.

?Smartphone and tablet advertising are being perceived by agencies and marketers as two very different markets,? said Ken Pearl, CEO of Advertiser Perceptions.

?Among the industry?s largest advertisers, smartphones are seen as an excellent direct response advertising channel and is used to drive traffic to retail locations or a Web site,? he said.

?Tablets, on the other hand, are a must for brand advertisers, who can use it to build awareness for their brands, services, promotions or events. They are believed to deliver much greater audience engagement and brand identity.?

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York