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Mobile beats Internet in ROI: Study

Mobile is measurable and drives return on investment even more than the Internet, according Quattro Wireless, a mobile advertising network.

Quattro partnered with comScore Inc. for a digital marketing intelligence survey about today's mobile consumer trends. The survey tracked contextual, demographic, behavioral and location information from the Quattro network of premier publisher mobile Web sites such as,, CBS News, Playboy and Univision.

"The results of the survey were very positive in terms of the effectiveness of mobile advertising," said Andrew Miller, CEO of Quattro, Waltham, MA. "You don't see the same results on the Web.

"In a time when the economy is struggling, marketers are looking for advertising mediums that are measurable," he said. "Mobile drives ROI and is measurable."

Across the Quattro network of premier mobile Web sites, the comScore/Quattro Survey found a significant percentage of the audience to be "mobile only" visitors to these brand destinations.

This unduplicated mobile audience uses the Web daily and visits these sites in particular.

The study found that 36 percent of respondents indicated that they do not access the companion wired Web site of the publishers they visit on the mobile Web.

Also, 46 percent of the respondents are daily visitors to Quattro Network premier mobile Web sites.

Furthermore, Quattro's own Network efficiency study revealed that brand marketers realized an average 2 percent click through rate on targeted campaigns with visitors to advertiser micro-sites averaging 3 page views per visit.

The combined results clearly demonstrate that the Quattro Network mobile audience is unique and engaged and that brand marketers are driving ROI through targeted mobile campaigns.

Quattro translates brands' wired experience into a brand-preserved mobile destination.

Brands can easily adapt their online digital media investments to mobile. With mobile browsing growing exponentially, Quattro recognizes the need for major brands to establish a sound presence on the mobile Web quickly - from design to SEO to marketing.

Quattro has answered this surge with innovative, interactive and optimized destinations and campaigns for the best brands on the Web - CBS News, NFL, NBA, TMZ, Univision, P&G, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Toyota.

"We found that once folks click-though ads on the Quattro network they average about 4 page views after the landing page," Mr. Miller said. "People are viewing the ads and also engaging with them."