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App reviews see major impact despite big brand name: Apptentive

Well-known marketers must be wary of assuming their big name will be enough to hold on to consumers without a well-designed mobile strategy for applications today, with users 8.16 times more likely to download a positive-rated app, according to Apptentive. 

It is imperative for brands to embrace mobile today in order to retain customers and must value a useful and high-quality performance or risk being left behind. It is no longer enough just to create a presence on mobile and hope users will flock to it based on name alone, as 55 percent of consumers claim that negative reviews on app stores negatively affect their view of big-name brands. 

?The key takeaway from these findings is that companies cannot afford to ignore mobile anymore,? said Robi Ganguly, CEO of Apptentive. ?Even if mobile is not driving revenue directly, it still has a heavy impact on the overall customer experience and the consumers' perception of the brand as a whole.

?In our experience, many brands have a misconception that relying on their brand name is enough of a strategy to make their mobile app successful,? he said. ?Based on the data, that is a dangerous assumption. 

?No matter how widely recognized a brand name is, a poorly designed mobile customer experience will negatively impact the brands? reputation as a whole in the eyes of consumers.?

App performance matters
App performance and reviews on the app marketplace?s represent a brand just as much as an experience shopping in a store, a review of a product or an ad campaign can. In the eyes of consumers, it is all a part of the brand, making it vital for a brand to create a quality experience on mobile. 

For consumers downloading a paid app, the number of those who read reviews jumps to 80 percent. Positive ratings are also proving to make an impact as well, with 71 percent of consumers thinking positively of a brand after reading a four-star or above app rating. 

High consumer-demand
Consumers? standards of a quality app are high as well, with 46 percent claiming they would not download an app with less than four stars. Apps with five-star reviews see an increase in conversion of 730 percent when compared to one-star reviews. 

However, app-store conversion only increased by 30 percent when jumping from one star to two stars. 
?Marketers should take mobile seriously, and use it as a means to manage their brand's reputation,? Mr. Ganguly said. ?Mobile apps are a great way for marketers to keep their finger on the pulse of their customer base, are useful in guarding the gate to public app store content, and can boost the overall brand image when done well.?