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Dunkin? Donuts puts Twitter at the center of new mobile campaign

Dunkin? Donuts is continuing to make Twitter a focal point of its overall marketing strategy by implementing mobile into the mix.

The company is running a mobile advertising campaign across several media sites such as US Magazine, Radar and E. Dunkin? Donuts has heavily used social media and mobile throughout its past initiatives.

?We are always looking for timely, of-the-moment opportunities to develop integrated marketing campaigns around programming and events our guests care about,? said Nick Dunham, director of media for Dunkin' Brands. ?With many Dunkin? Donuts fans tuning into the awards show season, we worked with Extra and ET to develop an integrated campaign that included on-air and Web placements, social media content and engagement plus digital and mobile advertising.

?On-air coverage featured a fashion recap over coffee with ExtraTV host Maria Menounos, behind the scenes footage of how ET host Rob Marciano keeps himself running during the busy awards show season, and more,? he said. ?On Twitter, Dunkin? Donuts posed questions related to the awards show season with the hashtag #DDRedCarpet to drive conversation and engagement.

?Dunkin? Donuts promoted these integrated efforts through broadcast billboards and additional support from ads on key entertainment sites, both in mobile and digital.?

Kargo is powering the campaign. 

Social awareness
The Dunkin? Donuts mobile ads read ?What Award Would You Like to Win? #DDREDCARPET. Click to Tweet.?

When consumers tap on the banner ad they are enocouraged to log-in to their account.

From there, users can tweet their response to the brand.

By using Twitter and mobile, Dunkin? Donuts is able to interact with consumers right then and there.

?We believe that social and mobile go hand in hand. We know that Dunkin? Donuts guests are busy and often on-the-go, and many rely on their smartphones to keep them running,? Mr. Dunham said. ?On our social media channels, we often see fans tweeting about their Dunkin? run as they are leaving the restaurant, or snapping a photo of their order and sharing it via Instagram.

?Having a mobile-savvy fan base has also resulted in a strong use of the Dunkin? application,? he said. ?The Dunkin? app was created to make our guests visits to Dunkin? easier and faster.

?Knowing that many of our social media followers engage with us on their smartphones has offered a good opportunity to hear their feedback on the Dunkin? app and learn how it is keeping them running.?

Key channel
From a marketing perspective, knowing that its guests increasingly rely on their mobile devices also offers Dunkin? Donuts opportunities to drive social participation through mobile channels.

According to Mr. Dunham, the company is looking for strategic opportunities, such as the awards show season campaign, to develop programs that raise awareness of promotions or campaigns, which will appeal to both our mobile and social customer base.

?Dunkin? Donuts has a strong and active presence across social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest,? Mr. Dunham said. ?We develop unique strategies for each of Dunkin? Donuts? social media platforms, based on community behavior and how they prefer to engage with the brand.

?For Twitter, the on-the-go and conversational nature is very exciting to us. We see a lot of guests tweeting while in-store, or about their cravings for Dunkin? Donuts,? he said. ?As a result, we take these learning?s and develop our content strategy around it.

?We also look for opportunities to run sweepstakes and contests around new products, holiday occasions, or conversational themes our guests care about.? 

For this particular campaign, Dunkin? Donuts created the special #DDRedCarpet hashtag and developed a few simple questions which served as conversation starters, ranging from fashion predictions, to fans? top star qualities, questions they would ask on the red carpet, and more.

Taking inspiration from the fact that most people watch TV with a second screen in front of them ? smartphone or tablet, the company leveraged the hashtag on-air, online and on Twitter to further continue the conversation.

?For 2013, you will continue to see us take a 360-degree approach and think thoughtfully about the best platforms that will help us to engage with Dunkin? Donuts guests in a way that is meaningful, while helping us to get our message across,? Mr. Dunham said.

?Mobile efforts will continue to be important for us in 2013, as we continue to raise awareness and roll-out new features for the Dunkin? app,? he said. ?We saw a very positive response to the Dunkin? app in 2012 and we will continue to provide a great mobile app experience for our busy guests on-the-go in 2013.

?We will continue to show guests how quick and convenient it is to pay with the Dunkin? app and the fun surprise and delight element of sending a virtual Dunkin? Donuts Card with an mGift. You will also see more localized efforts to promote regional offers through the ?My Offers? feature on the Dunkin? app.?