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Doritos live streams chance-based game on Periscope

Frito-Lay's Doritos is raising the marketing stakes by hosting a chance-based game show on live-streaming service Periscope along with a team game on Twitter to promote its recently released Roulette chips and connect with a younger male demographic. 

The campaign spans across multiple social media channels with the team game on Twitter, winner announcements on Vine, promo images on social accounts and video advertisements on YouTube. The challenge format of the campaign entices the male demographic while younger consumers are accessed through the social and mobile platforms. 

"Doritos is making a smart and strategic move by leveraging Twitter and Periscope for the launch of Roulette," said Guillaume Lelait, general manager at Fetch, San Francisco, a mobile advertising agency. "Periscope is the hottest new social platform, and even though it is in its infancy, having a presence allows Doritos to position itself as a young, saavy brand to Millennials.

"Additionally, including a roulette style game-play aspect to the campaign is valuable because it leverages the immediacy of social media and increases the likelihood of fan engagement," he said.

The Roulette bags, first rolled out in Mexico and now available worldwide, have a combination of traditional nacho cheese chips along with one extremely hot chip per handful. The chips are colored the same, meaning biting into the spicy chip will take consumers by surprise, making it the perfect product for Doritos to have fun with on social media and mobile.

Gambling on social
The product itself is so unique that it has created widespread conversation on social media. Whether it is a user discussing the fear of breaking into the chancy bag of Doritos, or posting about its absurdity, it is definitely something that has taken off on social. 

The conversation on Twitter about the Roulette Doritos has taken off since the announcement of its expansion

The game on Twitter plays into the Roulette aspect of the campaign and utilizes the sharing possibilities of social media. The contest requires the user to tag three friends with the hashtag #DoritosRoulette, which then enters the contestants as a team. 

The winners are announced on Vine, with each member receiving a prize. However, one member of the team will receive a ?dud? prize such as a cardboard letter X, while the others receive substantial prizes including a gaming console and wireless speakers. 

For the live game show on Periscope, all users must do is tune in on the app to automatically become eligible to be a contestant on the game. There will be a Roulette wheel, which the game show host will spin, leaving contestants to win prizes based on where the wheel lands.  

Personalized connection
Since the introduction of Periscope, the Twitter-operated live-streaming platform, and its competitor, Meerkat, there has been discussion surrounding a battle for the lead live-streaming service. Will Periscope or Meerkat be the go to source for brands and users to stream video in real time, or is there room for both? 

Many brands have been using both services to connect to fans on a more personal level, and that is what Doritos is attempting to achieve with these game shows. 

Meerkat became a marketing sensation right after its launch because of its ability to connect brands and consumers in real-time without delay (see more). 

The live-streams connect brands such as Doritos with consumers on a more humanized channel, but also gamifiy the campaign to further personalize it and appeal to consumers. 

Recently CBS Local Digital Media launched a new photo gaming application for iOS named Pingo from which different brands across the board have benefited playing on this consumer connection that games provide (see more). 

"Although the idea of doing give-aways on social media is not new, the fact that Doritos is leveraging Periscope is novel, similar to Snapchat, users will have to be tuned into the live stream in order to participate in the giveaway," Mr. Lelait said. "The sense of immediacy that Periscope provides will lend to longer more interactive engagement amongst fans."

Final Take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily