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Chobani creates original score for emotional advertising on social media

Greek yogurt brand Chobani is rolling out the Love This Life campaign, which features short film-type ads throughout social media and leverages consumers? draw to narrative and emotional content to further instill an authentic all-natural brand image. 

The Love This Life campaign takes a multi-platform approach with a focus on emotional content and high quality footage, showing a farming family leading an all natural, fulfilled life. The videos feature original songs created for the campaign which are available for free download and are posted to YouTube, encouraging users to share on all social media with the hashtag #LoveThisLife. 

"There is little doubt that storytelling is the key to influencing sales," said Michael Becker. "Storytelling-influenced commerce is made possible by linking media though the lens of data informed content. 

"As for footage, storytelling is about linking and scripting content, i.e. words, images, video, into a timeline that make sense for the consumer, within a context that makes sense for the consumer and at the right stage of the customer journey," he said. "Today a brand is a collection of experiences (product and content) and content is the expression of the brand. 

"Storytelling is immensely important in creating an authentic brand, as long as the core of the story can be trusted: true, transparent and trustworthy. It most certainly supports the creation of awareness, but more importantly it will be the linchpin to create measurable engagement and is the bridge between brand awareness and direct response consumer engagement."

The campaign promotes Chobani?s Greek yogurts that have undergone a label and packaging makeover. 

Emotional connection
The videos feature a family in simple, common moments throughout their days living on the farm, showing love, nature and authentic everyday events. Although most families do not live on a farm, the film still accesses a relatable plot line for consumers, embodying a simple but happy lifestyle appreciating the little things. 

This kind of content can pull in numerous consumers with its emotional narrative and alluring setting, as even the music embodies the natural and down-to-earth lifestyle the campaign portrays. With its shares on social media and downloadable songs, it offers easy access to consumers. 

The farm setting visualizes the wholesomeness of the product for consumers. Whether or not the product is completely natural, the representation of the content personifies it in the mind of the consumer. 

This type of emotional narrative has the ability to do well through the mobile sphere, as it is such a personal platform. Users are able to have freedom with the campaign and share it through their own networks. 
Eef Barzley created an original score for the campaign that features an acoustic and poignant vibe. This is a unique way for a brand to connect and have fun with its consumers as well, suggesting it has the potential to go viral through social. 

Genuine stories
Recently, an analyst from Forrester Research at the company's Forum for Marketing Leaders stressed the importance of storytelling in mobile content and described key methods for success, including for business-to-business brands. Multi-chapter content such as this connects consumers to the brand on a deeper level (see more). 

Also, a panel at Forrester?s Forum for Marketing Leaders Brands stressed that marketing through social media should have a focus on creating overall authenticity and positive image through multiple channels and that is what Chobani is attempting with the Love This Life campaign (see more). 

"Marketers need to make sure to speak to consumers in the language of the consumer and good storytelling accesses that language," Mr. Becker said. "Successful storytelling means remembering the consumer is apart of the story. 

"Consumers do not want content, they want conversation," he said. "Content is not king, conversation is king. 

"It is that relationship we have with the consumer and the dialogue that happens within in the conversation of the story that makes it true for them."

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily