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Snapchat and Spotify challenge YouTube as premiere music video source

Snapchat takes another step towards its goal of becoming the go-to place for millennials with the release of music videos on its Discover feature, while Spotify introduces a redesign for mobile users with a focus on video content, moves that turn up the heat on YouTube in the digital music video scene. 

Music artist Alex Legg, known by his stage name Goldroom, is the first to release music videos on Snapchat and filmed the entire feature in a vertical video format, rather than the traditional horizontal, to give viewers the most optimized viewing experience. Also, Spotify has recently started rolling out application updates, allowing the streaming service to feature original Spotify videos and video content from outside sources. 

"It is interesting that there is a new distribution model outside of the traditional label-system, but from what I understand it will not include any official label videos, which is what most consumers want," said Christian Brucculeri, CEO of Snaps. "The more interesting question is how this might affect Snapchat's business model. 

"If they start producing and distributing original content, it could improve their lock in with their demographic," he said. 

In recent years YouTube has been known as the premiere location for digital music videos, as the industry has strayed away from viewing music videos on TV Networks. As consumers gravitated towards more on-demand viewing, YouTube rose with it, but endeavors from other mobile apps such as Snapchat and Spotify are threatening its dominance in this field. 

Streaming innovation
For Goldroom, releasing the video on Snapchat and customizing the content in a vertical ratio specifically for the app is unprecedented and unique. The innovation reaches his key demographic, millennials, how and where they want to view content. 

The musician is an electronic music mixer who usually features voice from various artists on tracks and greatly appeals to millennials. Four videos in total will be released. 

The first aired on May 20 and the following videos will be released one a day until May 24. 

The videos found on the Discover tab of the mobile app through the Snapchat icon. Users click the icon and a quick preview of the video pops up, advertising the new song and album. Scrolling up reveals the full music video that viewers can watch in its entirety through the app. 
Swiping right reveals extra features in relation to the music video, such as a behind-the-scenes clip of filming, an image users can customize and share with friends, a version of the song with lyrics and an advertisement for the next day?s music video release. Goldroom is creating a multilevel experience for consumers to take advantage of. 

This content can all be shared with friends through the app by clicking the bar at the top of the image. 

The campaign includes a wide array of content that appeals to millennials, and the innovation of releasing a music video through Snapchat could be enough to build buzz around the artist. Snapchat is an intimate and personal platform, which can help an artist relate and connect to consumers on a deeper level, thereby generating a lasting impression and stronger bond. 

Implementing extra features such as behind-the-scenes content and the customizable image, taps into content that users are drawn towards. 

Goldroom has a long-standing relationship with Snapchat. In 2013, the multimedia-messaging app announced its introduction of the Story feature with a video from the artist. 

Spotify?s goal is to become a 24-hour hub for all entertainment content including news, video and music. This is the first time the streaming service is introducing video into its platform. 

There will be exclusive content to Spotify as well as content from outside partners such as ABC, BBC, Comedy Central, Conde Nast Entertainment, ESPN, Fusion, Maker Studios, NBC, TED and Vice Media. The service is also creating a more personal environment for users by generating unique homepages for each consumer based off past user-history in the app. 

Millennial hub
Snapchat is increasingly becoming a hub for entertainment content and is a personal manner in which users can connect to celebrities, shows, films and brands of which they are fans. 

For instance E! network?s new drama series The Royals became first show to host its recap series right where its key demographic is spending much of its time, on Snapchat (see more). 

Also, Coca-Cola is among several big brands targeting interest-based groups on Snapchat through customized ads appearing in user-generated Our Stories around topics such as graduation, popular vacation spots or big events (see more).

"Unless there is a broader deal for premium music videos that I am not aware of, this will not have a huge affect on how things currently work," Mr. Brucceleri. "You are still going to see the hits through Vevo and other label-sanctioned distribution channels.

"I love the idea of Snapchat producing and distributing exclusive content," he said. "I believe we are seeing this turn to where content is king again, instant articles, Snapchat-exclusive videos, Netflix exclusives, and when these platforms fight to provide better content experiences, consumers win."

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer