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MAVTV organically expands audience by leveraging new video clip app

Motorsports cable network MAVTV has partnered with social media application Clippit to share clips from the network with fans, putting promotion in consumers? hands to create a more widespread and authentic marketing representation.

Clippit is a mobile app in which users can view and save clips from their favorite television shows and broadcasted events, as well as share the content on their social media pages. MAVTV has made various content available on the app for fans to share on their relative social media feeds to promote the brand and organically entice new viewers. 

"This deal gives fans of MAVTV and motorsports in general a great new way to engage with the programming and live events they love to watch," said Jim Long, Ceo of Clippit. "MAVTV also gets the opportunity to expose their content to new fan bases, as more clips get shared both on the app and through various social media platforms and blogs.  

"Currently MAVTV does a great job engaging with existing fans," he said. "The Clippit effort compliments this by having MAVTV fans who will be more likely to watch MAVTV from a friend's suggestion than a brand suggestion. 

"With MAVTV coming to Clippit, our goal is to see if we can help increase the social activity around the channel and ultimately bring new fans to both Clippit and MAVTV."

Social media integration
Content from numerous MAVTV shows are available to share such as the Dave Despain Show, Full Custom Garage, Gears and live broadcasts from the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships and Drag Boat Racing series. 

To access the content, the user visits the network?s account on Clippit, follows or views the page and clicks the share button to spread video content he or she is interested in through Twitter and Facebook.

The clip app integrates users? Facebook and Twitter accounts to allow them to seamlessly share clips of their favorite televised content. MAVTV offering its content to Clippit allows for consumers to promote the brand themselves in a more organic manner rather than the brand itself sharing through social media. 

The partnership with Clippit takes a more backseat approach, without intruding on the user experience. Bombarding users with sponsored content can be frustrating to consumers and causes the opposite of the desired outcome, such as deterring fans rather than engaging users. 

The draw of video 
Mobile video has a substantial reach as consumers are drawn to video content, brands utilizing apps and social media such as this can access a significant audience this way. 

A clear example of this is Vulcan Productions? partnership with short-film producer and distributor Cinelan, which unlocked the potential of mobile with its We The Economy film series, which reached millions of viewers through a mobile-first strategy, including an application where the films are viewable in their entirety (see more). 

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has also demonstrated the importance of video and social media in a recent report. It showed that social media sites are closing the gap with word-of-mouth in driving United States adults to discover original digital video content meaning marketers must aim more resources at this growing audience, especially Internet-only TV viewers (see more).

"We see many benefits to making sharable clips available," said Mr. Long. "First, it gives TV fans the instant gratification of capturing and sharing their favorite televised moments.

"Second, we see this as free advertising for the networks that are being clipped and shared," he said. "The more amazing moments that get shared and talked about, the more people are going to want to tune in and get their own first-hand glimpse of the action.

"And fans are already doing this with their smart phones, recording their TV. Clippit makes these efforts much more beneficial for MAVTV with great quality and proper attribution among other benefits."

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer