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Coach invites app users to play with their pets

Apparel accessories marketer Coach is enabling fans to virtually place their pets in Coach bags via a new feature in the brand's mobile application whose launch coincides with the kick-off of the #CoachPups campaign to raise funds to combat animal cruelty. 

The feature, in which users can virtually place their pets in Coach Bags, was previewed at a breakfast event, allowing attendees to play with the updated app prior to its launch. The brand is attempting to connect with its demographic through subject matter that many consumers care strongly about, but also having fun with fans through the app. 

"People can be very sentimental about their animals," said Michael Becker, co-founder and managing partner, mCordis, Sunnyvale, CA. "A program like this creates a powerful personal connection between the brand, the person and the person?s community.  

"This program helps reinforce an emotional bond between the person and Coach by connecting two things the person loves, their pup and their bag," he said. "Also, it is easy and fun, a simple way to gamify their Coach experience.  

"It is a very good example of engaging consumers in the sharing economy."

Playing with puppies
The Coach Pups campaign has rolled out through social media, and the new app feature will ramp up content surrounding the campaign. Users of the Coach app will be able to photograph their dog friends and digitally place them in a Coach bag in the image. 

Coach is encouraging users to share these images through the hashtag #CoachPups on social media, especially Instagram. The slew of photos to come will not only raise awareness for the campaign, but for the Coach bags as well. 

The virtual bags featured in the images are actual Coach products, of which the brand is hoping to sell. Users sharing these fun images on social media will spread promotion for the merchandise. 

This is Coach?s method of having fun with its fans, wile increasing engagement and awareness. Consumers love taking pictures of their pets, and Coach is leveraging this interest and making itself apart of the fun. 
The second installment of the Coach Pup campaign is also launching with the new feature. The campaign first launched a month ago featuring Lady Gaga?s French Bulldog, Miss Asia Kinney through images and video showcasing the pup with various Coach bags. 

The newest additions to the campaign are Miranda Kerr?s pet dog, Frankie and Toulouse, Ariana Grande?s canine companion. Images of the dogs modeling the bags are shared throughout Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

Social media significance 
Animal related content resonates well through social media as many consumers enjoy sharing photos of animals and pets through numerous social channels. Coach invited Insta-famous personalities to customize pictures of bags in their own manner to celebrate consumer individuality (see more). 

The bag manufacturer continually introduces unique campaigns and leverage of mobile and social media. For instance, Coach invited Insta-famous personalities to customize pictures of bags in their own manner to celebrate consumer individuality and shared the images throughout Instagram (see more). 

"For brands looking to create a connection between people and the brand, it is critically important that the brand remember that the program needs to focus on the person, not the brand," Mr. Becker said. "The brand should make the person the center of the experience, the hero.  

"They should also be hyper-vigilant on making the experience seamless, easy to use and share."

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer