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Bravo, E!, Oxygen celebrate fans by lifting Dubsmash videos

Cable networks Bravo, E! and Oxygen are launching a social media call-to-action in partnership with Dubsmash, featuring fans? videos on air and showcasing the impact that mobile has on television programming. 

As the mobile application Dubsmash becomes popular with millennials, allowing them to have fun with their favorite shows, networks such as E!, Oxygen and Bravo are realizing the power the platform brings in solidifying a relationship with consumers. These networks will be pulling videos from the app, which makes fans a part of the content. 

"Dubsmash has a growing, highly-engaged audience that is like-minded to ours," said Ellen Stone, executive vice president of marketing at Bravo and Oxygen Media. "We have combined the fun of Dubsmash, lip syncing with the fun of our shows to create an irresistible opportunity for our fans to put their own spin on their favorite moments.

"Our goals are multi-pronged," she said. "With our fans, we want to provide fresh ways to engage with our talent, shows and brand."

Fans in the action
Mobile and apps such as Dubsmash and Twitter have shifted traditional television content, with many networks introducing social media content into their programming. Incorporating user-generated content on television content really thrills consumers and makes them even more excited about their favorite shows. 

Bravo was the first of the three networks to launch the call-to-action, with sharing content from its fan favorite show, The Real Housewives of New York City. Following the broadcast of its reunion episode, the network launched several sound bytes on Dubsmash and encouraged fans to play with the content. 
Dubsmash users are sharing their videos all over social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, along with the hashtag #RHONY. The Bravo team will pick numerous videos to be featured in a special Dubsmash encore presentation of the episode, as a part of the network?s Social Editions.
Previous Social Edition episodes featured various posts from Twitter incorporated into the programming. Fans are getting in on the fun, hoping to see their faces on 
their television screens. 

Dubsmash and brands
E! and Oxygen will be rolling out similar campaigns in the upcoming months, but which series they will be incorporating is still unknown. 

To make a Real Housewives of New York City Dubsmash video, users download the app and on the featured content of the homepage click on the title of the series. An array of sound clips from the reunion show is congregated and users click the byte of interest, listen to a preview, and then record themselves lip-syncing the words. 

The video result is a comedic clip of the consumer?s face, mouthing words to the cast member?s voice. 

USA?s reality series Chrisley Knows Best also proved that fan-generated content is key with its Dubsmash partnership to promote its current season (see more). 

Also, Universal Pictures partnered with the app for its latest installment of action film series Fast and Furious (see more). 

"We are also always looking for new partners that position our brands as unique and innovative in the marketplace," Ms. Stone said. "The Dubsmash social editions provide an opportunity to reward our fans for their loyalty and passion for our shows."

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer