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Bond fans gain 24-hour access to exclusive Spectre Snapchat content

Spectre 007 is the latest James Bond film and, to hype up its release, MGM has partnered with Snapchat for a 24-hour Discovery channel giving fans access to behind-the-scenes and exclusive content. 

The channel coincides with yesterday?s London release of the film and preemptively promotes its worldwide release in November, and has seen significant media coverage and social media discussion. MGM hopes to drive ongoing buzz around the latest film in a series that has remained a staple in pop culture for decades. 

"Movie studios worship at the altar of burst reach, needing to hit their audiences in a window that often spans just a few days," said Dave Zinman, chief operating officer at RadiumOne. "A sponsored Snapchat channel will be at a premium, but worth the investment to them. 

"There are only a few digital alternatives to the exposure that Snapchat can quickly provide, with Youtube's homepage being a more traditional alternative," he said. "Since Snapchat collects age information at registration, studios also have the benefit of demo targeting."

Snapping success

Snapchat users were treated to a bevy of exclusive content, giving them a look behind the scenes on the highly anticipated film. For instance, users were allowed access to an exclusive film showcasing the making of the Day of the Dead scene, a large big budgeted scene of the movie including interviews with creative members of the film team. 

The channel also featured the music video for Spectre 007, an iconic facet of the Bond film series, as the movies are known for their theme songs, which are created for each particular installment. Fans were given content with actors of the film as well such as an interview with this film?s Bond girl, Lea Seydoux and greetings from Dave Bautista and Naomie Harris. 

Users are able to send all content within the Discovery channel with friends and family, through its seamless sharing capability in which users hold their fingers to the picture to send. The channel is attempting to garner user-generated content by encouraging peer sending through pages within the posts meant for sharing such as an image of a martini saying shaken or stirred and an invite to the in-theater release. 

MGM?s partnership with Snapchat for the latest Bond film will not end with the Discovery channel, but users will be able to share a geofilter sponsored by the Spectre film with friends. 
The film also released a game in September for mobile in which users take on the role of James Bond in the mobile application James Bond: World of Espionage. 

Mobile importance
Similarly, MGM and distribution partner Fox Studios also reimagined famous scenes from classic horror films for the mobile, social age via vertical videos on Snapchat, Twitter and other social platforms that promoted the iconic movies in time for Halloween (see more). 

Also, Unilever was quick to partner with publishing brand Refinery29 for its recent Snapchat Discovery channel launch, which tapped into the publisher?s audience to target millennials for the TreSemmé, Dove and Axe brands (see more). 

"The Snapchat audience is fickle and fierce," Mr. Zinman said. "Not all brands have the emotional appeal of a Bond film. 

"A sponsored channel is an expensive way to generate reach, and the engagement will not be there if the brand doesn't have attributes that appeal to consumers," he said. 

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer