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TBS taps personalized video for Angie Tribeca binge-a-thon

TBS is pairing binge watching with social media for the Angie Tribeca series premiere, with an interactive, personalized social media push driving interest in the opportunity to watch all of the episodes over the course of a day. 

The first season of Angie Tribeca will air in its entirety, which is a concept derived from the growing popularity of binge watching caused by streaming platforms and will be a shared event between fans on social media. Twitter users discussing the show will be sent personalized videos and Facebook fans will be able to see their questions answered through an online ?interrogation room.?

"The connected experiences is all about the emotional bond that people and brands can establish through the coordination of physical, mental and digital interactions," said Michael Becker, managing partner at mCordis. "For marketers and individuals alike establishing emotional bonds are critical.  

"They are much stronger than any rational decision making an individual may employ to make a decision, brands can use them to foster highly profitable and lasting relationships with individuals based on mutual value exchange," he said. "We will look back at 2016 and realize that it brought with it the dawn of synchronized connected experience marketing. 

A brand (e.g. CPG, retailer, entertainment?) is a collection of all the experiences an individual has with it.  In the case of a television show, these experiences need not only include the pictures and sounds coming out of a box, they can and should include the synchronization of the community dialog, as the Angie Tribeca producers are doing."  

Television viewing evolution
Twitter and Facebook users are encouraged to share discussion regarding Angie Tribeca and advice on binge watching during what TBS is calling its Binge-A-Thon using the hashtag #TribecaBinge. The network is hoping to hook as many new fans as possible with the immersive social media campaign and customized videos. 

Fans who have mentioned the show on Twitter will receive videos that incorporate their profile pictures into clips from the show, and also promotional ads that include their comments with voice-overs. The shock-and-awe campaign is likely to intrigue and excite users who are not used to such personalized content. 

Many of the social media users will also receive "binge boxes" providing products that aid in marathon watching such as gift cards, blankets and eye drops. 

Live video on Facebook will show various celebrities featured in the on-air Angie Tribeca takeover event during the Binge-A-Thon, answering questions taken from fans on social media. Well-known social media personalities @TheGabbieShow and @AlxJames10 will ask the celebrities the questions in an interrogation room-like setting to coincide with the shows theme of crime-drama spoof. 

The television event will air for 25 hours on Sunday, showing every new episode of Angie Tribeca without commercials. Fans will be treated to a variety of extra content such as celebrity appearances, interviews, deleted scenes and can even call in to speak to the stars. 

Personal network marketing 
Similarly, Disney tapped into the personality of The Muppets' most outgoing character to drive the conversation about the new ABC series featuring the popular characters by allowing fans to message Miss Piggy on Facebook Messenger (see more). 

Warner Bros. also embraced personalization in a campaign which delivered mobile videos created for specific opted-in users that hype the release of the studio's new film The 33 (see more). 

"In addition, they may include a wide range of other choreographed and enhanced experiences as well; such as, the inclusion of smart lighting (like Phillips Hue smart lights) and food and wine delivery which can be sync with the mood of the show, or the sync of music and lighting with books or a run," Mr. Becker said. "These ideas are not necessarily new, leading brands like Syfy, Campbell?s, Nike, Spotify, Amazon and others have been experimenting with the synchronized connected experience for a little over a year now, but 2016 we will see them go mainstream.  

"It is going to be the breakout year."