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Kraft amplifies disclosure of ingredient switch with giveaways on social media

Kraft Heinz is leveraging social media to amplify the revelation of a secret ingredient switch with surprise giveaways on Facebook and Twitter to support messaging around how the new healthier recipe retains the classic taste. 

The food manufacturer recently switched its recipe to eliminate artificial flavors, preservatives and dyes for its classic Kraft Macaroni and Cheese product, but did so undercover, so as to not lose any consumers afraid of a change in taste. To celebrate the successful transformation, Kraft is taking to Twitter and Facebook with giveaways such as free products, campaign themed-shirts and body pillows in the shape of macaroni. 

?With the taste test now over, we are out to thank our fans who have tried the new recipe and loved every bite,? said Greg Guidotti, vice president of meal solutions for Kraft Heinz. ?We will leverage Facebook and Twitter to surprise thousands of people with thank-you gifts, including free boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, noodle t-shirts and even oversized macaroni-inspired body pillows.

?We are also encouraging fans to share their experience with the new recipe on Twitter with the hashtag #didntnotice, or on the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Facebook page,? he said. 

Secret taste test
Kraft is hoping to spread the word that its new recipe is healthier but still tastes the same through social media. The brand is attempting to gain new consumers focused on health without losing those nervous of a change in taste. 

Users interacting with the #didntnotice hashtag or following on Twitter and Facebook may receive a surprise from the pool of products Kraft is sharing. The giveaways are hoping to get more social media users discussing the switch, which in turn will spread awareness of the lack of change in taste but the alteration in nutrition.

Recipients will be chosen at random from those interacting with Kraft on the social media platforms. Kraft is jump-starting the conversation on Facebook and Twitter with its own posts such as ?2,800,000 more people talked about the weather than Kraft Mac & Cheese's new recipe,? and ?we made a better Mac & Cheese without any artificial flavors, preservatives or dyes that still tastes like Kraft Mac & Cheese.? 

The brand switched its ingredients without public announcement last December. The idea for the secret switch followed the company?s original news of its plan to switch in April 2016, which was met with a bevy of concerned fans nervous the product will lose its favored taste. 

Krafting social experiences
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?When we originally announced last April that we were going to change the recipe, there was a groundswell of excitement,? Mr. Guidotti said. ?There was also a level of questioning, with comments like, ?I hope the taste does not change? and, ?do not mess with my mac and cheese.? 

?Since the new product tastes just as good as the old version did, and is exactly in-line with what people have come to expect, we wanted fans to experience the new recipe for themselves without being prompted to do so,? he said.