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Jeep's use of microsites and social media sparks heartfelt messaging

Jeep is creating a social media dialogue with fans through a microsite, user-generated content and a celebrity spokeswoman to celebrate its 75th anniversary and solidify a positive, uplifting image. 

Using the hashtag #MyJeepStory, social media users are encouraged to share stories regarding the brand and how it made a difference in their lives, which Jeep will showcase alongside many of its marketing efforts. Jeep is using a mobile microsite to help weave together a larger story of the heart of the brand, as created by fans and motivated by new spokeswoman, musical artist Ciara. 

?The My Jeep Story campaign is a fantastic vehicle to engage passionate Jeep owners to celebrate the 75-year anniversary of Jeep,? said David Naumann, director of marketing at Boston Retail Partners. ?Over the years, Jeep has developed a cult like following of brand zealots that are proud to own a Jeep and, for many, it is a part of their personality.  

?Avid Jeep fans will be excited to share their Jeep story so all their friends can live vicariously through them ? and maybe envy their experience,? he said. 

Driving mobile influence
Drivers of Jeeps have long been known as a community of die-hard fans, and the brand is tapping into that strong relationship and solidarity for its 75th anniversary campaign. Jeep is starting off the campaign with a microsite featuring a variety of short stories regarding famous personalities, well-known figures in the community and content right from social media. 

A YouTube video from singer Ciara kicks off the campaign with her discussion of memories of her father relaying stories of driving a Jeep vehicle during Desert Storm and then growing up to own one herself. Jeep is encouraging social media users to share videos, text and images with the same sentiment on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #MyJeepStory. 
A section of the microsite instructs users how to get involved with a step-by-step process. Posts with the #MyJeepStory hashtag are being featured on the mobile-optimized microsite, such as a submission from Instagram user @Mattern_7 featuring an image of a classic Wrangler, along with the caption ?this Jeep means so much to me, I am building it with my dad #MyJeepStory.?

Jeep has featured other stories such as one regarding Marilyn Monroe, which recounts her time traveling through Korea in its vehicles to entertain American troops. Another story about an American solider in WWII showcases an image the man sent back to his then-fiancée, featuring himself along with the Jeep he drove in the war. 

Jeep mobile advertising
The vehicle manufacturer also recently used native video advertising to capture the attention of mobile users with strong visuals and a quick-hit message that stoked a love for adventure, delivering a completed-view rate that was 50 percent higher than the auto industry average (see more).

Two very different approaches to mobile advertising were evident in recent campaigns from automakers Jeep and Honda, however the latter?s potentially provided more bang for the buck through the creative use of GIFs (see more).

?Encouraging brand enthusiasts to share their stories provides a great way to further strengthen the brand connection and provide ?free? advertising for the brand,? Mr. Naumann said. ?Spreading the campaign across all multi-media and social media channels will extent the reach of the message to create exposure that will touch millions of people. 

?It will be a spectacular splash for a Jeep milestone.?