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Ice Breakers attempts social media magic with individualized pushes, video

Twitter users on National Unicorn Day were served Ice Breakers? new music video in the platform's First View position, which is the top advertisement post that viewers see on the social media platform. The comedic video teased and ramped up awareness for the upcoming television ads, which will coincide with continued pushes on social such as social listening and response, as well as Tumblr and Instagram posts. 

"In the past, the brand was more rooted in a functional product benefits and experiences," said Bill Blubaugh, senior director sweets and refreshment at The Hershey Company. "We think we have laid a strong foundation for Ice Breaker?s role in the fresh breath category, and are evolving to the 'Break Through' campaign, which elevates the conversation.  

"Overall, with the new 'Break Through' campaign, our goal is to encourage consumers to turn their confidence into action and have break through #UnicornMoments every day," he said. 

A marketing unicorn
On National Unicorn Day, April 9, a music video for the campaign's anthem was shared with Twitter users in its prime real estate position for advertising. The video showcased a unicorn with blue spots that embody the Ice Breakers brand, while a heavily autotuned song played, declaring the animal ?the unicorn of your confidence.? 
The post appeared for 24 hours on the top advertising slot in users? feeds, putting the campaign in front of a significant number of eyes. The brand is continuing its streak of social media pushes with a social listening campaign that will scan Twitter for users in need of a boost of confidence and share related content hoping to boost their spirits while promoting the campaign. 

The hashtag #UnicornMoments will be sponsored as a trending topic, in the hopes of getting users to jump on board by sharing their moments of confidence on Twitter. A dedicated page on Tumblr will congregate user-generated content as well as brand-created from the campaign.

Ice Breakers shares its television ads on Twitter

The television spots, which launched on Monday, feature various individuals in different scenarios who feel a surge of confidence after eating an Ice Breakers mint. For instance, one woman requests three weeks' vacation and succeeds after not backing down once she eats the Ice Breakers mint. 

Tweeting relationships
Fondue chain The Melting Pot similarly educated social media users in etiquette through an interactive chat on Twitter with chef Jason Miller, taking a conversational approach to marketing for a lasting impression (see more).

Unilever?s Dove also partnered with Twitter to make a bigger impact for its Speak Beautiful campaign via an algorithm that tweets users an analysis of their posts (see more). 

?For this campaign, Ice Breakers focused heavily on social media to establish a new look and voice for the brand, and stoke consumer curiosity for what is to come,? Mr. Blubaugh said. ?First and foremost, on April 9, aka National Unicorn Day, Ice Breakers became the first CPG brand to leverage the Twitter First View feature, where all users saw an original music video from Ice Breakers featuring a stallion-like majestic unicorn. 

?By owning Twitter First View for the day, the Ice Breakers tweet showed up first in all users? newsfeeds for the 24-hour period,? he said.